ITER Open Doors Day

On Saturday 8 October 2016 the ITER Organization, in collaboration with the European agency for ITER (Fusion for Energy) and the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), will be opening its doors to the public.

If would like to sign up for the ITER Open Doors Day, please:

  • Register on line for one of the bus tours before 26 September 2016 – please note that there are only a limited number of places so first come first served
  • ITER bus tours will depart from the Chateau de Cadarache where, in parallel, the "Fête de la Science" will be underway that weekend
  • Arrive at the departure point for the ITER bus tours 10 minutes in advance of the indicated departure time to allow for security checking
  • Bring your identity card or passport on the day of the visit (REMINDER: a driver’s licence is not accepted as identity)
  • Wear clothes compatible with a worksite visit: flat, closed shoes; no skirts or dresses

Please also note that for security reasons:

  • Children below 4 years old are not allowed on site
  • The 8 October site visit is not adapted to disabled persons










This 9th edition of the ITER Open Doors Day is the opportunity for the public to discover the latest construction progress on the ITER site. The gigantic Assembly Hall, where the main components of the ITER Tokamak will be prepared and pre-assembled, now dominates the ITER site. Its structure has been finalized and the two main cranes, which will carry loads of up to 1,500 tonnes to the Tokamak installation area, have been installed. Work on the Tokamak Complex, future home to the ITER fusion device, is also progressing steadily and in the Poloidal Field Coils Winding Facility, the first manufacturing activities are underway on the superconducting magnets that will help to shape the ITER plasma.

Visits will take place between 10:30 and 16:15

Please note that the 10:30 and the 11:00 bus tours will be in English only. From 11:30 onwards all bus tours will be in French only.

The ITER Open Doors Day is part of this year’s “Fête de la Science”, the yearly national festival to promote science to the general public, which takes place throughout France from 8 to 16 October.

CEA Cadarache will be hosting this event at the Chateau de Cadarache with an exhibition area where more than 40 companies and organizations will be present around the theme “The planet, the climate, man and energy”. The ITER Organization will have a stand as well where you can view a mock-up of the ITER machine and find additional information about the various aspects of the project. ; this The Chateau de Cadarache will also be the departure point for the ITER Open Doors site tours.

For practical and security reasons it will not be possible to park at the Chateau de Cadarache. When arriving from the A51 highway (exit 17), please follow the signs to the parking for “Fête de la Science” (and ITER Open Doors Day). Shuttle buses will be running from this parking lot (see map below) to bring visitors to the Chateau de Cadarache and back every 10 minutes from 9:45 to 18:00.

When the shuttle bus drops you off at the Chateau de Cadarache, please follow signs to the departure point for the ITER Open Doors tours and make sure you arrive 10 minutes in advance of your scheduled departure time. At the end of your visit the bus will drop you off at the Chateau de Cadarache from where you can take a shuttle bus back to the car park.

View the ITER Open Doors Access Plan

Registration form

Please fill out all the fields in this form to confirm your participation for the 2017 ITER Open Doors Day event.

The Worksite tour duration will be about 1H15.

thanks for your interest in ITER. All bus tours are full so registration for the Open Doors Day is now closed. The next Open Doors Day is planned in the spring of 2017

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