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Buzz—everything you need to know at ITER

On Wednesday, 14 October, it's time to BUZZ. (Click to view larger version...)
On Wednesday, 14 October, it's time to BUZZ.
Want to find the most up-to-date version of the Mission Reimbursement Form or of the ITER Staff Regulations? Wondering what time the CEA Post Office opens? Looking for someone to carpool with?

This kind of information to make your daily life at ITER easier will soon be found on Buzz, the new ITER internal webpage for ITER employees with news and info about what is going on in the organization.

On Wednesday 14 October the Technical Web will launch a new look and feel, and as part of the changes a new internal webpage, Buzz, will come on line.

From Wednesday on, when an ITER employee or contractor (anyone with an @iter.org email address) logs on to the TechWeb, the Buzz page will automatically open. From the Buzz page, you will have access to the rest of the TechWeb and to IDM.

Buzz will provide you with news, info, features and applications to facilitate your life at work. You will find information, links and forms related to your employment at ITER and practical information to help you find your way around the organization. Buzz will be reporting on the latest on-site news and also on events happening locally.

Buzz will include a feature to help keep the use of All-ITER email messages to a minimum. All employees will be able to post a message in the All-ITER Buzz section that will be visible to the entire organization. Messages about leftover food, lost keys etc. can be posted in this section.

There is also a brand-new feature to help set up carpooling, for those who wish to share their daily ride to the office with an ITER colleague.

In the Market Place section, you will be able to post ads to buy, sell, rent or give away objects.

Come and check out what Buzz is all about next Wednesday! We will be giving away ITER mugs for the occasion, but the stock is limited and it's on a "first come-first serve" basis. Mugs will be distributed out of Iris Rona's office (HQ 210).

Buzz will continue to evolve as we add new features and services regularly.

We hope you'll keep coming back!

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