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Waste and waste recycling

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Waste is becoming more expensive to dispose of and landfill taxes are set to increase further as the years go on. The sustainable solution is to reduce the amount of waste being sent to the landfill by creating less waste, of course, and by recycling as much of the waste we do produce as possible.

To succeed, we need everyone's help in separating recyclable materials from general waste.

At ITER, each office has two different kinds of waste bins: a blue one for paper and a brown one for plastic, office waste and food.

Waste Paper

All uncontaminated paper must be put into the blue office paper recycling bin. Please do not place paper into general waste bins.

Waste that can be included in the paper recycling bin:

Newspapers. Magazines including staples but no plastic wrapping. Junk mail with plastic wrapping removed. Envelopes including window envelopes. All papers and light card stock including staples and paper clips.

Waste that cannot be placed in the paper recycling bin:

Contaminated paper and card stock (by food...). Plastic coated paper and card stock. Plastic bags. Polystyrene. Plastic wrapping from magazines. Telephone directories / Yellow pages. General waste.

Everyone at ITER has access to the paper recycling system. If you do not have a paper recycling bin available to you, please create a Logistics ticket trough IDM.

You can help to the ITER paper recycling effort by Reducing the amount of waste paper you create.

Ensuring that all paper that can be recycled is recycled. Ensuring that no recyclable material is put into your waste bin. Ensuring that the bags of waste paper are not overfilled.

Confidential waste paper

Confidential waste paper goes for secure shredding and is then recycled. Confidential waste paper sacks are collected by the cleaning service regularly. You can help ITER recycling effort by:

Only placing confidential paper documents into these bags. Consider using an office shredder to shred as much confidential waste as possible and place this into the normal paper recycling bags.

If you have any other waste equipment, excluding computer equipment, that requires disposal by IT, please create a logistics ticket, giving details of the equipment to be disposed of and requesting that the equipment be removed.

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