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Compass points east


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COMPASS, one of the key fusion experiments at UKAEA's Culham Science Centre in the 1990s, started an epic journey on Monday 17th September as it was lifted from one of the main experimental halls with a massive 500-tonne crane. It will soon be reinstalled at the Institute of Plasma Physics in Prague, the centrepiece of the expanding Czech fusion research programme.

COMPASS was an integral part of fusion research at Culham in Oxfordshire and performed many important experiments in support of the design of the international ITER experiment now being built in France. As part of a strongly co-ordinated European research programme, scientists at Culham are delighted to see new life breathed into COMPASS in the Czech Republic.

UKAEA project manager Andy Cullen said: "At Culham, we are working with partners from around the world to bring fusion energy to fruition. This project is a good example of such partnerships. COMPASS will offer a valuable training tool for young Czech scientists and engineers as they look to build up their contribution to international fusion research."

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