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Carpark extension

Iris Rona

If you strolled around our buildings last Thursday, you must have smelled it: the smell of hot tar. That smell announced that the Extension 2 parking lot was being asphalted to welcome the first residents of the new temporary building in the coming days. The parking, which is just in front of the building, is planned for 120 cars. The new building will be delivered today and as from tomorrow a team of movers will be on-site to move computers, boxes and in some cases even furniture. By the end of the week, most of CEP (Department of Central Engineering and Plant Support) will have moved to their new offices. Starting next week the office space in building 519 will then partly be reshuffled to relieve some of the currently overcrowded offices.
The smell of tar indicates new space for 120 cars. (Click to view larger version...)
The smell of tar indicates new space for 120 cars.

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