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Expert group meeting on transfer of ownership and responsibility, transport and insurance

Akko Maas, ITER Project Office

On 16-17 March 2009, an Expert Group met in Daejeon, Korea. On the agenda were: transfer of ownership, transfer of responsibility, transport and insurance of the large components of the ITER machine. Participants from the Domestic Agencies and the ITER Organization discussed these topics as had been requested by the ITER Council. For each, it will be important to arrive at a coherent solution as part of a global risk management program.

For the transport of the 300 largest components, the Expert Group agreed that a global approach coordinated by the ITER Organization would be the most logical, thus reducing the number of interfaces and the risk in this area. The Expert Group agreed that a global solution needed to be found for insuring the cargo, and construction and assembly activities. With regard to the transfer of ownership and responsibilities, it was agreed that reasonable acceptance conditions would be defined based on the nature of the component.

The conclusions from the Expert Group were supported at the ITER Organization-Domestic Agency meeting which took place the next day. The ITER Organization, together with experts from the Domestic Agencies, will now develop the specifications and selection criteria for the invitation to tender.

Progress in this area will be reported in more detail at the upcoming Management Advisory Committee and ITER Council meeting.

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