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Domestic Agency: ITER India in Gandhinagar, India

Cryostat assembly underway

The 3,800-ton ITER cryostat will be the largest stainless steel vacuum chamber in the world. It will encase the entire vacuum vessel and all the superconducting magnets, ensuring an ultra-cool, protective environment.

India is manufacturing the cryostat, but it is far too massive to be shipped as a whole. Steel segments have been precision-fabricated by Larsen & Toubro in India and transported by sea to Marseille. About half the cryostat has been shipped so far. At the ITER worksite, the Indian Domestic Agency is supervising a team of German welders in the final fabrication of the first two sections—the base and lower cylinder.

The cryostat base, at 1,250 tons, will be among the heaviest single loads of machine assembly. It will also be the first major component installed.

  • For more details on the fabrication, see here.
  • For recent progress, see here.
  • See photos here.

More than five kilometers of "cryoline" piping will be used to deliver cryogenic cooling fluids—liquid helium and liquid nitrogen—to ITER components. These cryolines will travel along an elevated bridge from the cryoplant to the Tokamak Building. From there, the distributed cryoline network will cool the ITER magnets, thermal shield, and cryopumps.

The first batch of cryolines was shipped to ITER in June.