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An invitation to celebrate

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In 1958, the French Atomic Energy Authority, CEA, was looking for a place "near a river, not too heavily populated, close to a university town and located in a pleasant region where scientists and engineers would be happy to settle with their family."

The 1,500 hectare domain of Cadarache, which the French State had acquired forty years earlier to accommodate a Forest Ranger school and a game reservation, perfectly fitted that description.

On 14 October 1959 the official decision was made: a large "Atomic Centre" would be created at Cadarache to develop research on experimental nuclear reactors. This is the anniversary that CEA Cadarache will be celebrating on Friday 16 and Saturday 17 October.

The ITER staff is invited to participate in the event that will take place on Friday 16 October under a large marquee on the CEA site, close to the Réacteur Jules Horowitz (RJH) work site.

Shuttle buses will bring employees to the event and back again. There will be no buses leaving from the ITER HQ and all employees who work in the ITER HQ Building will have to use the rotogate to go to the bus stop at the Porte de la Verrerie. From that bus stop, buses will be leaving for the event site every seven minutes between 13:29 and 14:10.

At the end of the event, buses will leave at 16.20 from the marquee to bring you back to the Porte de la Verrerie.

On Saturday 17, a Family and Friends Day will be held for all employees working at the CEA. This will be the opportunity for ITER staff and families to visit the CEA site, the ITER site and the ITER Headquarters—the latter from 10:00 to 15:00 only.

ITER employees who want to visit the ITER site can park their car at the ITER site entrance. From there, buses will be leaving for a platform visit every 30 minutes. Please note that these visits will be primarily in French. All ITER employees should make sure they carry their CEA and ITER badges, and family members should carry valid identity papers.

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