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The task and responsibility is enormous

Carlos Alejaldre , ITER Deputy Director-General, Safety and Security Division. (Click to view larger version...)
Carlos Alejaldre , ITER Deputy Director-General, Safety and Security Division.
_At the beginning of 2008, the ITER Organization presented to the French Authorities the request for the creation of the ITER Basic Nuclear Installation, the official start to the ITER nuclear licensing process. As a result the ITER Organization (IO) has entered into a formal relationship with the French Nuclear Safety Authority, a development that directly affects our Department in our key role as interface between the two organizations and all the control responsibilities that follow the application of the 1984 French Quality Law to our Installation.

So, to say that 2008 is a very intensive year for our Department is an understatement, and all efforts are now concentrated on being able to meet the challenge towards the end of this year of starting the Public Enquiry on ITER foreseen in the nuclear licensing process and also successfully concluding the technical safety review of the Project next year.

ITER is the first fusion installation to undergo such a full nuclear licensing and therefore the challenge, the task and responsibility is enormous. I am very confident in the outcome, because not only do we have a very solid project but even more importantly we have the privilege to be able to count upon the strong commitment and professionalism of all IO staff as well as that of our collaborators in the different Members.

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