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After the first Briscoe meeting

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The independent cost review team, chaired by Dr. Frank Briscoe, conducted its first evaluation at the Chateau of Cadarache 28-31 July 2008. The technical departments of the ITER Organization made every effort to provide the required information to the committee consistent with the IO's staffing plan, its operation and maintenance plan and its research plan. A series of meetings held with the Domestic Agencies to integrate the schedule also helped in defining the scope and the activities that will need to be performed.

With regards to our department, the Briscoe committee also reviewed the previous procedures and activities for the resource estimate of the tritium plant case study. There are four Domestic Agencies involved in the design and the building of the tritium plant: EU, Japan, Korea and the US. Useful information from all parties was provided to advance this process. The tools and guidance provided by the resource planners, including John Tapia and the schedulers, including Ed Temple and Steve Gilligan were also of immense help.

A basic structure for the integrated schedule and tasks were thus agreed to by all parties participating in the tritium plant. These tasks have been placed into the resource spreadsheets. While all of these different exercises have, at times, may have seemed to be too much work, we feel that it was well worth the effort.

The Briscoe Committee developed a long list of questions which now have to be answered by the various technical departments and will then be reviewed thoroughly at the September meeting in order to meet the expectations of the Management Advisory Committee and the ITER Council.

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