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Building up team spirit

Dhiraj Bora (Click to view larger version...)
Dhiraj Bora
Team spirit is extremely important for an effective and coherent team. In an international environment like ITER, this is especially true and therefore the CODAC team (with members from four parties) recently met for a one-day out-of-office brainstorming session. The idea was to interact freely and closely and by this to forge a team.

It was a lively meeting with fruitful discussions on CODAC related design issues. In this meeting it became obvious that the various tasks and interfaces our department is charged with require more effort and teamwork. Especially as we are now entering the engineering design phase. But with more new staff members joining us soon, we hope to grow in strength and thus to be able to deliver goods in time.

At the same time, as the activities increase all round the globe, the need for a better and more efficient mode of communicating among all ITER members became very obvious. This is thus one of the most significant objectives to be achieved in the IT division in 2008. We have already implemented an integrated desktop communication system from Microsoft which covers desktop audio and video conferencing, screen and application sharing, as well as instant messaging. We hope that this will greatly improve the day to day needs of the ITER Organization, the Domestic Agencies and their collaborators for an efficient communication around the globe.

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