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The security expert

The Security Section within the Safety and Security Department has a new boss - Jean-Louis Faure. He started work in security 32 years ago with a career that included 15 years travelling the world in the French Intelligence Services followed by years in industrial security, so the ITER Organization is welcoming an expert in all aspects of security. His work in the French Ministry of Defence included protection of companies with particular emphasis on nuclear work, while his later career involved work for Yves Saint Laurent (perfumes) and Sanofi (pharmaceuticals) after their takeover of YSL, followed by working for Thales in Saudi Arabia and Libya. He set up security departments in these organizations to deal with potential fraud, commercial secrets, brand/patent protection, protection of intellectual property and internal information.
Jean-Louis Faure (Click to view larger version...)
Jean-Louis Faure

Jean-Louis explains "security" has to include anything that could harm the organization resulting from deliberate actions, as opposed to "safety" which relates to accidental harm. So his remit includes all aspects of the IO: there will be risk assessments for people, IT, equipment, intellectual property... and so on. In common with the Safety Section, Security Section is independent of the departmental structure.

Jean-Louis has a straightforward attitude to making security effective: make everyone understand what is involved - why and how to adhere to security guidelines - with clear lines of responsibility and appropriate training. As he says "security may be very high-tech, but you have to always remember the human factor".

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