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IO / ASIPP Design Steering Committee meeting in China

Sabina Griffith

ITER's magnet team visiting the ASIPP workshop (Click to view larger version...)
ITER's magnet team visiting the ASIPP workshop
he second IO/ASIPP Design Steering Committee meeting was held in The Institute of Plasma Phyiscs of the Chinese Academy of Science (ASIPP), Hefei, on 8 October. During the meetings, the committee reviewed the activities on the Toroidal Field feeder design contract and the work accomplished by the Chinese team was widely appreciated by both sides. Agreement on the next stage planning of contract tasks was also reached. Afterwards the IO team visited the ASIPP workshop and the EAST Tokomak. The IO team was deeply impressed by the R&D progress on the 68kA HTS trial current lead for the future design of the ITER Feeder systems.

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