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Busy autumn

Kaname Ikeda (Click to view larger version...)
Kaname Ikeda
The ITER Organization is now one year old. Since the formal establishment on 24 October 2007 we have been building up the team by continuous recruitment. And now all the Domestic Agencies are established in our Member parties. This is certainly good news, but it does not allow us to rest. In fact, the ITER Organization is facing a very busy autumn.

In order to keep our schedule, the ITER Organization and the Domestic Agencies need to integrate better. The new tool called "Integrated Product Teams" (IPT) is an important approach in this respect. In its meeting last week, the Management Advisory Committee (MAC) strongly encouraged the ITER Organization and the Domestic Agencies to proceed this way and to implement IPTs as soon as possible.

At this stage, establishing a better way of working together is crucial for the success of this project. Out of the 26 Procurement Arrangements that were scheduled to be signed by end of this year, so far only seven have been signed. So, immediate action to recover the delay is necessary.

As for this coming Council meeting starting on 19 November here in Cadarache, there are some critical subjects on the agenda. The budgets for the following years need to be discussed and the ITER Organization expects the one for 2009 to be fixed. The long-term accumulative resource estimates for construction period has been subject to an independent review by the panel led by Frank Briscoe.

It is now also only a few weeks away that our Headquarters will be moving to the new office building on the ITER site. The Council Members will be invited to the inauguration upon their arrival on the first day of its meeting. They will thus see for themselves the impressive progress that has been made on site thanks to our host Agence Iter France. The message is—ITER is on its way.

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