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New face, new office: Yuichiro Ogino

Pointing at his "to do" list ... Yuichiro Ogino. (Click to view larger version...)
Pointing at his "to do" list ... Yuichiro Ogino.
He is the new face of the new post in ITER called the "Office of Audit Service": Yuichiro Ogino from Hokkaido, Japan. Yuichiro's office is in building 525a and by now his name will be on the door. Yuichiro started working for ITER on 23 October and hardly had time to unpack his boxes that were delivered from Manila, Philippines, where he had been working as Senior Financial Control Specialist for the Asian Development Bank since 2004. Having worked for truly international organizations around the world such as the United Nations Headquarters in New York and later for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in Bangkok and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons in The Hague, Yuichiro has 22 years of professional experience in auditing, accounting, administration and finance. That will certainly help him establishing a new office whose main tasks will be to review the activities within the ITER Organization in order to ensure the soundness of procedures as well as their efficiency and effectiveness.

Yuichiro is currently waiting for his family to follow him to France, and to move out of the hotel where he is staying for the time being. Talking about his hobbies turns out to be a one-liner: "I think our family is below the 'poverty line' in terms of spare time." If he only knew that this won't change in the near future ...

Yuichiro is thrilled to have become a member of the ITER team. "This is a very unique project," he says, 'a very unique type of project also in its political sense. To me, ITER is not just a project that helps to secure our future energy needs. It might also serve as example for solving political conflicts."

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