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Kick-off meeting for the Integrated Product Team on power supply

The kick-off meeting for the pilot IPT on ITER power supply. (Click to view larger version...)
The kick-off meeting for the pilot IPT on ITER power supply.
"Think IPT" it said on the power point slide that Ivone Benfatto, Head of the Electrical Engineering Division and Leader of the pilot Integrated Product Team (IPT) on power supplies, presented. Rather than the ITER Organization and the Domestic Agencies acting as two bodies—the one responsible for the Baseline documentation and the other one for placing the contracts with the manufacturers—the Management Advisory Committee to ITER (MAC) had charged both parties to collaborate more closely, to join forces and to think as one team: Think IPT!

The ITER Council had agreed in its last meeting in November to proceed with three pilot IPTs for the vacuum vessel, the blanket and the power supplies. Experts from the ITER Organization and the Domestic Agencies responsible for the power supply to ITER met last week for a first kick-off IPT meeting. In this first meeting the ground was paved for the future cooperation by identifying six key tasks that will have to be addressed soon in order to meet both schedule and scope.

One of the key tasks discussed was the standardization of components for the AC/DC power distribution. "In order to meet the projected target date for signing the Procurement Arrangement for this package in June 2009, we have to optimize the design and to standardize the components," said Ivone Benfatto. "By doing so we will also reduce the cost." The design of the AC/DC converter basic units is another task which was discussed in detail at the meeting and will be carried out by the IPT to optimize cost and performances of the power converters.

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