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Good news for sportsmen and women

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Want to go scuba-diving off the coast of Cassis, play tennis after work at the CEA facilities or join a ski-trip one of these weekends?

It has all become possible now that ITER has signed an agreement with the CEA Cadarache sports activities structure (ASCEA). This agreement makes it possible for ITER staff (directly employed and seconded) to sign up for the different sports sections proposed by the ASCEA under the same conditions as the CEA staff.

The ASCEA proposes 27 different sports including skiing, golf, dance, skeet shooting, motorcycling, diving, mountaineering, cycling, football, tennis, squash, sailing, aikido, yoga and many other disciplines.

If you are interested and want to join, just go to one of the two canteens where you will find registration forms as well as the ASCEA catalogues next to the stairs.

Fill in the form (tick the box that says "membres conventionnés - AREVA NC") and include a passport picture and ten euros and send it back to Laurence Asplanato, tel: 04 42 25 26 74, email:, at the ASCEA Secretariat, building 103.

Once you have your ASCEA membership card, you can then join any of the member associations. Your card will allow you a 30 percent reduction on the normal membership fees of the associations.

If you prefer to take wine-tasting courses, go to the theatre or to concerts, learn about astronomy and many other activities, you can also join the ACC (Art & Culture Cadarache), the arts and culture association of the CEA. ITER has no agreement with this association so the annual membership card costs 30 euros. For more information regarding these activities, please contact Laurence Asplanato.

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