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-Sabina Griffith

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Members of the Fusion for Energy's building team taking a break during last week's Design Review marathon: Maria Ortiz De Zúñiga, responsible Planning Officer, Rafael De La Calle, Electrical Engineer, Enrique Rodriguez, Civil Engineer, Laurent Schmieder, Head of the Division for Site, Buildings and Power supplies at Fusion for Energy (F4E) and Ben Slee, Civil Engineer. "We are happy to have been invited to this meeting and to see the meticulous work done by the IO's Office of Civil Construction and Jacobs Engineering," said Laurent Schmieder. "It certainly marks the beginning of an intense and constructive cooperation between the ITER Organization and the European Domestic Agency." The result of this Design Review will be used by F4E to open calls for tender in order to realize the Detailed Designs. A presentation of these first contracts will be made this week with the "First Meeting on buildings for ITER," organized by F4E in Cadarache.

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