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ITER on television!

The TLP crew busy shooting the next programs. (Click to view larger version...)
The TLP crew busy shooting the next programs.
For two weeks now, the local TV channel Télé Locale Provence (TLP) has been broadcasting the first program of a series entitled "Une énergie pour notre avenir" (Energy for our future). The series started off with "La fusion pour quoi faire?" (Fusion, what for?) which aired 36 times between Saturday 28 March and Friday 17 April and was also accessible through the TLP web site. The second program in the series, "La fusion, mode d'emploi" (Fusion, instructions for use), will begin to air on 1 May.

"La fusion pour quoi faire?" dealing with ITER and the issue of energy has drawn an exceptionally large audience. The program was broadcast simultaneously through hertzian airwaves and on the Terrestrial Digital Network (TNT). "Everywhere I go the people I meet talk to me about this program," says Sébastien Galaup, TLP programs director. "They want to know more. I tell them to be patient— there will be 8 to 10 programs in the whole series, each dealing with a specific aspect of the ITER Project."

Since the series began airing, the ITER link on the TLP web site has been accessed an average of 510 times a day. "This is an exceptional number, among the highest we've ever had," says Galaup.

The ITER programs will remain accessible on the Internet at DivX Web Player must be downloaded and installed to view the program (follow the link on the site's opening page).

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