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Cornelis Beemsterboer

Iris Rona

Cornelis Beemsterboer (Click to view larger version...)
Cornelis Beemsterboer
Cornelis Beemsterboer joined ITER on 1 April as Structural Engineer within the Magnet Division of the Tokamak Department. Before joining ITER he worked for almost 35 years as a mechanical engineer in the Dutch nuclear industry at the Nuclear Research and Consultancy Group (NRG). This company is the owner of the High Flux Reactor where - next to producing isotopes - a lot of radiation material testing is done, for example for fusion technology.

Cornelis currently lives near Grambois while he is looking for a convenient place to settle. He is married and has 3 grownup children. His family still lives in the Netherlands, but his wife intends to join him here in the future. Cornelis likes watching sports and he also enjoys cycling and playing tennis.

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