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ITER International School to start at Lycée Les Iscles

Sabina Griffith

View of the Lycée Iscles in Manosque. (Click to view larger version...)
View of the Lycée Iscles in Manosque.
On the initiative of the PACA Regional Council, the Steering Group of the ITER International School has decided to open the International School in Manosque on the premises of the Lycée Les Iscles in September 2007. A new building for the International School will be constructed in 2009 very near the Lycée Les Iscles, so that the families will be able to familiarize themselves with their future environment.

ITER Director-General Nominee, Kaname Ikeda, comments: "I attach great importance to the International School and believe a critical issue in attracting high-calibre personnel to ITER is that we ensure their children receive a good education. Therefore, I welcome this important step, and I am counting on the full support of the Region for the further development of the school."

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