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Paper cutter safety is no accident

Maurici Galofré Vilà, ITER Safety & Security Department

Cutting paper with this tool is anything but a routine thing. (Click to view larger version...)
Cutting paper with this tool is anything but a routine thing.
Cutting paper may seem ordinary, but when it comes to ensuring that proper safety standards are in place for a hand-operated paper cutter, safety is anything but a routine matter. Make no mistake: cutting paper presents serious hazards for operators.

We recently noticed during Building Safety and Health Inspections that one paper cutter in the Headquarters building had a broken plastic protection guard, consequently putting operators at risk of getting their fingers caught while lowering the blade.

It is thus important to follow basic safety practices. Know how to use the cutter properly, especially its built-in safety mechanisms. Pay attention in order to prevent injury to yourself or to others.

Most paper cutter accidents in offices are due to poorly maintained machines. Call the Building Security Inspector if you realize that the paper cutter protection guard is broken or not in place; he/she will remove and replace it.

Make sure you use common sense and follow the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines. Call us if you have questions. We can also advise you in ordering a new paper cutter... a safer one of course...

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