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Dhiraj Bora, Deputy Director-General for CODAC, Heating & Current Drive, and Diagnostics. (Click to view larger version...)
Dhiraj Bora, Deputy Director-General for CODAC, Heating & Current Drive, and Diagnostics.
Continuing on last week's Director's Corner by Norbert Holtkamp, I would like to reiterate that the production of the Baseline Documentation is truly a team effort involving almost everybody in the ITER Project—including the technical staff in our Department. We have been supporting the Project Office in the finalization of the required documents in time for the upcoming review meetings. Included in this work is the risk management plan for the realization of the systems and equipments within ITER specifications.

Additionally, we are busy preparing the Procurement Arrangements scheduled for the coming weeks and months. We have finalized the documentation for the ion cyclotron heating system that is due to be signed by the Indian Domestic Agency in the next few months. India is responsible for supplying the radio frequency sources along with the power supplies.

We have almost completed the procurement documentation for the Japanese share of the high voltage power supply for ITER's heating neutral beams. This Procurement Arrangement, along with the documents for the diagnostic neutral beamline components being manufactured by India, will be concluded before the end of the year.

Also, the preparations for the conceptual design review for the ion cyclotron transmission line that will contributed by the US have started. The review, representing a major step towards the finalization of the procurement documents, is planned for October.

Technical work through task agreements and contracts is progressing well. For example we have just concluded a task that evaluated the use of the Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System (EPICS) at KSTAR (see last issue of Newsline). Currently, internal training on EPICS is proceeding using our own development environment here at the ITER Organization.

On the subject of recruitment, our Department reprioritized posts to be filled in alignment with the 2018 First Plasma schedule, and concluded the major part of the interviews. We thus hope to be able to revamp our human resources by the end of the year to ease the workload on staff members within the CODAC, Heating & Current Drive, and Diagnostics Department (CHD). The situation will then hopefully further ease with the arrival of some engineering support. A framework contract has been put in place for this purpose.

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