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The RH Core System is a freely distributed standard software platform for the development of ITER RH equipment controller applications. It installs on top of the CODAC Core System and implements a standard environment developed specifically for the ITER Remote Handling domain.

The objective of the RH Core System is to gain a level of uniformity across the separately procured RH equipment control systems so that these systems can be integrated into a homogenous RH System that can be efficiently operated and maintained by the ITER RH team. The standard development platform provides RH suppliers with a good basis for developing equipment controllers complying with the RH control system architecture and employing key RH standard parts.

Version 1 of the RH Core System was developed in 2012 and contains standard parts that were identified as suitable for remote handling applications. The RH Core System scope covers both the development environment and the runtime execution environment for RH equipment controller applications.

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