Milestones in the
History of the ITER Project
ITER Milestones

More than 200 tokamaks built the world over have paved the way to the ITER experiment; ITER is the culmination of decades of fusion research.

ITER will be twice the size of the largest tokamak currently operating, conceived as the necessary experimental step on the road to a demonstration fusion power plant. Launched as a daring exercise in international collaboration in 1985, twenty years of design work and complex negotiation have been necessary to bring the project to where it is today. Construction work began in 2010 on the ITER site in Saint Paul-lez-Durance, France.

New Director-General appointed
Mar, 2015
IC-15: an important nomination
Nov, 2014
First components delivered
Sep, 2014
B2 slab completed
Aug, 2014
EU Commission president visits
Jul, 2014
IC-14: taking stock
Jun, 2014
Itinerary ready for components
Apr, 2014
First pour for Tokamak Complex
Dec, 2013
2d Monaco-ITER Fusion Days
Dec, 2013
Important decisions at IC-13
Nov, 2013
ITER—part of the energy debate
Oct, 2013
ITER Itinerary: success!
Sep, 2013
Ministerial-level ITER Council
Sep, 2013
IC-12: Construction progress!
Jun, 2013
Modified permit granted
Mar, 2013
Headquarters inaugurated
Jan, 2013
Tokamak Complex signed
Dec, 2012
IC-11: ITER "well underway"
Nov, 2012
At home on the ITER campus
Nov, 2012
Landmark decree for ITER
Nov, 2012
ITER Headquarters completed
Sep, 2012
80% in-kind value committed
Jun, 2012
Major licensing step
Jun, 2012
Schedule is focus at IC-10
Jun, 2012
Last seismic pad installed
Apr, 2012
Launch of NB Test Facility
Feb, 2012
First building delivered
Feb, 2012
Transport contract signed
Feb, 2012
Seismic Pit basemat completed
Dec, 2011
IC-9: "Significant progress"
Nov, 2011
ITER Day celebrated
Sep, 2011
Foundation work begins
Aug, 2011
8th ITER Council in Japan
Jun, 2011
64% in-kind value committed
Mar, 2011
Excavation completed
Feb, 2011
ITER Itinerary is ready
Jan, 2011
Monaco-ITER Fusion Days
Nov, 2010
7th ITER Council meeting
Nov, 2010
Foundation stone ceremony
Nov, 2010
International School - Phase 2
Sep, 2010
Aug, 2010
Green light to proceed
Jul, 2010
Osamu Motojima becomes DG
Jul, 2010
Site handover signed
Jul, 2010
6th ITER Council meeting
Jun, 2010
First hardware completed
Jun, 2010
Construction team moves in
Jun, 2010
Major contract signed
Apr, 2010
ITER CLI established
Dec, 2009
IC-5 convenes
Nov, 2009
International School - Phase 1
Oct, 2009
4th ITER Council meeting
Jun, 2009
The ITER platform is ready
Apr, 2009
Broader Approach inauguration
Apr, 2009
Divertor Test Facility opens
Jan, 2009
Architecture contract awarded
Dec, 2008
New ITER Headquarters
Nov, 2008
3rd ITER Council meeting
Nov, 2008
International School grows
Oct, 2008
IAEA-ITER Agreement
Oct, 2008
Last Domestic Agency created
Oct, 2008
Key ITER technology tested
Aug, 2008
2nd ITER Council meeting
Jun, 2008
"CERN" Agreement signed
Mar, 2008
"Monaco" agreement signed
Jan, 2008
ITER Itinerary work begins
Jan, 2008
HQ Agreement signed
Nov, 2007
1st ITER Council meeting
Nov, 2007
ITER & Japan sign first 'PA'
Nov, 2007
ITER formally established
Oct, 2007
International School opens
Sep, 2007
The ITER design. Updated!
Sep, 2007
Interim ITER Council in Tokyo
Jul, 2007
Work begins on ITER site
Jan, 2007
Nov, 2006
India becomes 7th Member
Dec, 2005
Joint Work Site inaugurated
Dec, 2005
Members agree on Cadarache
Jun, 2005
Broader Approach signed
Feb, 2005
6.5-minute pulse in Tore Supra
Dec, 2003
Canada withdraws
Dec, 2003
Europe proposes Cadarache
Nov, 2003
Who will host the ITER proje...
Jun, 2003
USA returns
Jan, 2003
China and Korea join ITER
Jan, 2003
Joint Implementation meeting
Nov, 2001
New design, new impetus
Jul, 2001
USA withdraws (temporarily)
Council approves Final Design
Jun, 1998
More records at JET
JT-60 achieves world-record
TFTR sets world records
Dec, 1994
ITER engineering begins
Jul, 1992
JET achieves fusion power
Nov, 1991
T-15, the last of the "Ts"
A Design for ITER
Apr, 1988
The Reykjavik Summit
Oct, 1986
The Geneva Summit
Nov, 1985