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Building Iter

The 42-hectare ITER scientific platform before building began. (Photo: 2009) (Click to view larger version...)
The 42-hectare ITER scientific platform before building began. (Photo: 2009)
Site preparatory works were carried out from 2007 to 2009 as part of commitments made by France and Europe as hosts to the project. Work was divided into two main phases: the clearing of approximately 90 hectares, followed by the levelling of a vast area to house the buildings and technical areas of the ITER scientific installation. Other infrastructure projects during this period included the creation of 20 kilometres of hydraulic networks to connect ITER to the French network, the construction of storm basins and cooling water test basins, and finally the realization of a heavy haul road at the perimeter of the scientific platform for the delivery of components to the Assembly Building.

The work on the development of the ITER site was undertaken as part of commitments made by France, as the Host country, and Europe, as the Host partner. Work was carried out under the responsibility of Agence Iter France for a total of EUR 150 million, financed 40 percent by the European Domestic Agency for ITER and 60 percent by France.

In parallel, following the establishment of the ITER Organization in 2007, ITER staff worked to ready the preliminary design of the buildings. In 2010, the ITER Organization signed its largest procurement package (EUR 537 million) with the European Domestic Agency for the construction of all platform buildings and site infrastructure.

Building is now progressing in phases according to the contracts signed for specific work packages by the European Domestic Agency.