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La Machine

Veuillez nous excuser, mais cette page n'est pas encore disponible en Français.

ITER Plant Control Design Handbook (PCDH) defines standards, specifications and interfaces applicable to ITER plant system instrumentation and control (I&C). These standards are essential for ITER to:
  • Integrate all plant systems I&C into one integrated control system
  • Maintain all plant systems I&C after delivery acceptance
  • Contain cost by economy of scale (spare parts, expertise)
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The new version of PCDH (version 7) issued in February 2013 is a final version which is supposed to be used to design and manufacture the production I&C systems for ITER. By publishing a full set of PCDH documentation together with regular releases of the CODAC Core System software ITER seeks to involve control systems community into testing and verification of ITER I&C standards in order to arrive to modern and robust control system suitable for ITER and for scientific installations around the world.

For a quick overview of the PCDH, please check the following presentation:
PCDH consists of a master document and satellite documents. The master document contains principal requirements to ITER plant system I&C; satellite documents, in turn, go deeper into details of various I&C subjects providing recommendations, guidelines and examples on how to apply the PCDH. While the core document is fixed, satellite documents may evolve with time to incorporate the latest project developments or manage obsolescence. In 2017 many annexes were checked for consistency and, where appropriate, updated to include the latest technical information available.

Folder 1:
  1. Plant Control Design Handbook (PCDH) v7.0 (2013) - The core document which collects all requirements
  2. Plant System I&C Architecture v2.5 - updated Nov 2014
  3. CODAC Core System Overview v6.2 - updated Mar 2019
  4. The CODAC - Plant System Interface v2.2 - updated Sep 2017
  5. Signal and plant system I&C Variable Naming Convention v9.1 - updated Dec 2018
  6. Self-description Data Documentation and Guidelines v2.1 (2011)
  7. Methodology for Plant System I&C specifications v6.2 (2013)
  8. Plant system I&C Integration plan v4.6 (2013)
  9. SEQA-45 - Software Engineering and Quality Assurance for CODAC v3.2 - updated Dec 2013
  10. PLC Software Engineering Handbook v2.0 - updated Jan 2019
  11. Philosophy of ITER Alarm System Management v2.2 - updated Aug 2017
  12. HMI Style Guide and Toolkit v3.9 - updated Feb 2019
  13. Outline Guide to ITER PON Archiving v1.2 - updated Aug 2017
  14. Guidelines for PSOS SM management by COS SM v2.5 (2013)
  15. Guidelines for diagnostic data structure and plant system status information v2.1 (2013)
  16. Management of Local Interlock Functions v6.0 - updated Dec 2017
  17. Plant Control Design Handbook for Nuclear control systems (PCDH-N) v4.1 - updated Sep 2016
  18. CWS case study specifications v3.4 - updated Mar 2019
  19. ITER CODAC Abbreviations and Acronyms v3.0 (2013)
  20. ITER CODAC Glossary v1.2 (2011)
Folder 2:

  1. Integration Kit for PS I&C v1.2 - updated Sep 2017
  2. Guidelines for the Design of the Plant Interlock System(PIS) v5.0 - updated Oct 2017
  3. Guidelines for PIS configuration and integration v4.0 - updated Dec 2017
  4. PIS Operation and Maintenance v3.0 - updated Dec 2017
  5. Guidelines for PSS-OS design v1.6 - updated Jan 2016
  6. I&C signal interface v5.0 (2013)
  7. ITER catalogue for I&C products - Slow controllers PLC v4.1 - updated Aug 2017
  8. Guideline for Fast Controllers, I/O Bus Systems and Communication Methods between Interconnected Systems v2.0 (2013)
  9. ITER Catalog of I&C products - Fast Controllers v2.7 - updated Dec 2018
  10. ITER catalogue for I&C products - Cubicles v4.0 - updated Aug 2017
  11. I&C cubicle internal configuration v4.1 - updated Feb 2016