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Elements associated with our logo are: our full name, its abbreviation, our emblem and flag. They all define the identity of ITER Organization and are legally protected.

Official name

Our full name is "The ITER International Fusion Energy Organization," shortened to "the ITER Organization" and abbreviated as "ITER."

The name, emblem, logo and abbreviation of the ITER Organization (hereafter the "ITER logo") define its identity and are legally protected under Article 6ter of the 1883 Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property as amended on 28 September 1979.

The use of the ITER logo by External Entities is only permitted in exceptional cases and is subject to certain conditions, outlined below. Upon request, the ITER Organization will examine any External Entity's application for the use of the ITER logo.

The emblem

The emblem is composed of the word "ITER" in white and a circular graphical element representing the sun at solar noon in "Noon Yellow" according to our Identification and Graphic Standards Manual.

The logo

Since 2008, we use the 'logo' which is a combination of our name, our emblem and the name of our Founding Members. Another grey version of the ITER logo may be used when the Noon Yellow cannot be used or is not appropriate.

The flag

Our flag, which is used for protocol and events, displays a variation of our emblem with different colours ("iter" in orange and solar noon in white with an orange background).

Legal Protection

As an international organization, ITER Organization's full and abbreviated name, emblem, logo and flag are protected under the 1883 Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property as amended on 28 September 1979.

The countries to which the Paris Convention on the Protection of Industrial Property apply—including all the Member States of the European Union and the other Members of the ITER Organization which have all ratified this Convention—constitute a Union for the protection of industrial property.

Under article 6ter of the Paris Convention, such countries have agreed to refuse or to invalidate the registration and to prohibit by appropriate measures the use, without authorization by the competent authorities, either as trademarks or as elements of trademarks, of armorial bearing, flags, other emblems, abbreviations and names of international intergovernmental organizations of which one or more countries of the Union (for the protection of industrial property) are members.

Additionally, the name, abbreviation and emblem of the ITER Organization have also been registered as French, Singaporean, Canadian and US trademarks.

Authorization for use

As a general rule, we use the ITER name and logo for all communications.

The use of ITER logo and associated elements such as its full and abbreviated name, its emblem and flag by external entities is only permitted in exceptional cases and is subject to certain conditions.

Any external entity wishing to use the ITER logo and/or associated elements needs to first secure ITER's authorization in writing. This authorization will be subject to certain terms and conditions, which we will specify, for example:

  • Authorization may be only given for specifically identified projects and for specified durations.
  • Authorization may not grant any exclusive rights and no modification of the name emblem, logo or flag will be permitted.
  • Any use and reproduction of the logo should comply with ITER visual specifications and other rules in force.
  • Where authorization has been granted by ITER Organization, any documents, films, etc. showing ITER's name, logo, emblem or flag should be submitted to ITER Organization for our approval before being released to the public.
  • ITER Organization may automatically revoke its authorization to use its name, emblem, logo or flag if we believe that such use is likely to be detrimental to our reputation or image.
In specific defined cases, the ITER logo can be used alongside an External Entity logo—for example, from other organizations, ministries or when co-organizing an event or producing a publication about a joint project.

Conditions and Disclaimer

Authorization to use the ITER logo and associated elements is limited to a specific, identified project, duration and place. Authorization does not confer any exclusive rights. The ITER logo and associated elements may not be reproduced for the purpose of self‐promotion or for obtaining any commercial or personal financial gain.

In order to request the use of the ITER logo, any External Entities are required to submit the following request form:

Request form for the use of the ITER logo


Requesting External Entities should address their completed requests to the ITER Organization at: