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The ITER logo is protected under Article 6ter of the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property as revised in Stockholm in 1967. The use of the ITER Organization's logo by entities for promotional purposes is only permitted in exceptional cases and is subject to certain conditions, outlined below. Upon request, the ITER Organization will examine an entity's application for the use of the ITER logo.

Conditions and Disclaimer

Authorization to use the ITER Organization's logo is limited to a specific, identified project, duration and place. Authorization does not confer any exclusive rights. The ITER logo may not be reproduced for the purpose of self‐promotion or for obtaining any commercial or personal financial gain.

In order to request the use of the ITER Organization's logo, entities are required to submit:

2. A short statement of identity (nature of the entity and its objectives);
3. Explanations of intended use (project, duration and countries/territories).    

The ITER logo may not be modified or adapted. Where appropriate, the media (documents, films, etc.) must be submitted to the ITER Organization for approval before publication.
The ITER Organization may automatically revoke the entitlement to use the ITER logo if the project is likely to prejudice the ITER Organization's reputation or image.


Once entities are permitted to use the ITER logo, the entities shall give the following credit near the ITER logo:
"This is not an official ITER Organization product. The ITER logo is used here by courtesy of the ITER Organization."