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CODAC Core System is the development and interface kit for plant systems I&C based on the widely used open source software EPICS (Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System) and CSS (Control System Studio). CODAC Core System runs on Mini-CODAC, Plant System Host and Fast Controllers and provides an interface to Slow Controllers (PLC) and third-party controllers.

CODAC team has selected a strategy to release this software at regular intervals with added functionality and increased robustness. New releases are produced at least once a year. The latest version is 7.2.0, released in March 2024. CODAC Operational Applications, aiming to facilitate ITER I&C systems integration and acceptance tests, are equally available for installation with this release.

Users who contribute to the development of ITER I&C System such as ITER Domestic Agencies, institutes associated to those or industry working for ITER through contracts must become registered ITER CODAC users in order to benefit from CODAC support and dedicated software distribution. Such users are invited to provide the following information:

  • first name
  • last name
  • email
  • affiliation
  • postal address
  • ITER Organization contact person
  • justification
to the address 

Organizations around the world already using CODAC Core System (as of Mar 2024) (Click to view larger version...)
Organizations around the world already using CODAC Core System (as of Mar 2024)

The following documents provide an introduction to the CODAC Core System and the changes introduced in the recent releases: