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  • Inside the pit | From dizzying volume to cramped environment

    There was a time when the assembly pit felt like a huge arena, with toy-like tools scattered on the floor and workers reduced to Playmobil-size figures. Progres [...]

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  • Fusion world | UKAEA's CHIMERA set to transform fusion component testing

    Construction of a unique testing machine for fusion components is underway at the UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA).  The machine, known as CHIMERA (or Co [...]

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  • Award | A 30-year friendship with China

    Some thirty years ago, HT-7, China's first superconducting tokamak, was entering operation and experiencing some issues with its ion cyclotron resonance (ICRH) [...]

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  • Tokamak assembly | Building the feeders, segment by segment

    Through an opening in the Tritium Building just large enough to admit the 11-metre-long components, two magnet feeder segments were introduced this month into t [...]

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  • Fusion world | Highest French distinction for former ITER Director-General

    Established in 1802 by Napoléon Bonaparte, then the First Consul of the young French Republic, the French Legion of Honour (Légion d'honneur) is the highest of [...]

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Contractors unveil ITER's business potential

Small or large, the companies involved in ITER have a lot to say about the benefits and skills acquired through their participation in the project. (Click to view larger version...)
Small or large, the companies involved in ITER have a lot to say about the benefits and skills acquired through their participation in the project.
Is it hard for companies to get involved in ITER?

Let's hear from some of those that have been awarded contracts for ITER construction and manufacturing.

In a series of videos, the European Domestic Agency talks with representatives of large European companies or consortia that are contributing their knowhow and expertise to the project. What drives them forward and keeps them committed? What new markets do they expect as a result of ITER participation? What R&D and technological advances have resulted from work done for ITER?

A how-to video has also been produced to explain to potential bidders where to find information about European tenders and to demystify the different steps of the European procurement process.

You can read the original article or access the videos on YouTube.

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