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  • Vacuum vessel assembly | Thermal shield passes first trial

    In the oversized world of ITER, the 11-metre-tall vacuum vessel thermal shield panels are lightweight components. At approximately 10 tonnes, they cannot compar [...]

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  • In memoriam | Professor Valery Aleksandrovich Kurnaev

    It is with great sadness that the ITER Organization has learned of the loss of Professor Valery Aleksandrovich Kurnaev, Director of the Moscow National Research [...]

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  • MITICA experiment | First integrated power supply tests

    In October, power supply components procured by Japan and Europe for ITER's neutral beam injector prototype were tested together for the first time. Due pandemi [...]

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  • ITER Scientific Data Centre | How to manage 2 petabytes of new data every day

    Extracting as much information as possible from operation will allow ITER to make the most efficient use of the machine. Some of the data will be immediately ne [...]

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  • Image of the week | Europe's coil #5 unloaded at Fos harbour

    Of the eighteen D-shaped toroidal field coils (plus one spare) that are needed for the ITER Tokamak, four (two from Europe and two from Japan) have already been [...]

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Ring magnet tooling passes qualification steps in China

At China's Institute of Plasma Physics (ASIPP) the qualification activities for ITER's poloidal field magnet #6 (PF6) have kicked off and the results have been positive overall. (Click to view larger version...)
At China's Institute of Plasma Physics (ASIPP) the qualification activities for ITER's poloidal field magnet #6 (PF6) have kicked off and the results have been positive overall.
At China's Institute of Plasma Physics (ASIPP), activities to qualify the tooling and materials for the fabrication of ITER's poloidal field magnet #6 (PF6) continue. This second-smallest ring magnet for ITER will be fabricated in China on the basis of an agreement concluded with the European Domestic Agency.

In January, we reported on the successful trial activities for the winding tooling, as well as qualification steps for the vacuum chamber and welding and insulation procedures.

In the latest news, helium inlet welding was further trialled and tooling for de-spooling, for connecting lengths of conductor with their power feeders (dummy joint boxes), and for supporting the weight of the coil assembly during insulation and impregnation were tested. All of these qualification steps allow engineers to spot potential manufacturing problems and introduce improvements so that the final coils are in line with specification.

A four-day audit by the European Domestic Agency was also conducted on all processes, the handling of raw material, documentation and standards.

Read the full story on the European Domestic Agency website.

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