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  • Cryoplant | First steps toward commissioning

    Every week since the beginning of November, a tube trailer filled with approximately 4,600 cubic metres (750 kg) of compressed gaseous helium delivers its load [...]

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  • Training | Seeking the next group of Monaco-ITER Fellows

    Recruitment opens for the next Monaco-ITER Postdoctoral Fellowship campaign on 17 January 2022. If your PhD was awarded after 1 January 2019—or you are about to [...]

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  • Contemporary art | Venet's "arcs" are as heavy as ITER coils

    A 'conceptual artist' among the most prominent on the art scene today, Bernar Venet is not impressed by massive towering steel structures like those in the ITER [...]

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  • Image of the week | Final activities on Europe's first sector

    The first vacuum vessel sector produced in Europe will arrive at ITER next year. Five of ITER's nine vacuum vessel sectors are the responsibility of Europe's AM [...]

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  • Vacuum vessel sector preparation | Lessons learned reduce work time by half

    In life as in the assembly of the ITER machine, 'lessons learned' are what makes progress possible. Gains in wisdom, time, skill, investment can be incremental; [...]

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Ring magnet tooling passes qualification steps in China

At China's Institute of Plasma Physics (ASIPP) the qualification activities for ITER's poloidal field magnet #6 (PF6) have kicked off and the results have been positive overall. (Click to view larger version...)
At China's Institute of Plasma Physics (ASIPP) the qualification activities for ITER's poloidal field magnet #6 (PF6) have kicked off and the results have been positive overall.
At China's Institute of Plasma Physics (ASIPP), activities to qualify the tooling and materials for the fabrication of ITER's poloidal field magnet #6 (PF6) continue. This second-smallest ring magnet for ITER will be fabricated in China on the basis of an agreement concluded with the European Domestic Agency.

In January, we reported on the successful trial activities for the winding tooling, as well as qualification steps for the vacuum chamber and welding and insulation procedures.

In the latest news, helium inlet welding was further trialled and tooling for de-spooling, for connecting lengths of conductor with their power feeders (dummy joint boxes), and for supporting the weight of the coil assembly during insulation and impregnation were tested. All of these qualification steps allow engineers to spot potential manufacturing problems and introduce improvements so that the final coils are in line with specification.

A four-day audit by the European Domestic Agency was also conducted on all processes, the handling of raw material, documentation and standards.

Read the full story on the European Domestic Agency website.

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