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  • Men of measure

    'Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.' [From the Greek historian Herodotu [...]

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  • The end of a nine-year journey

    In December, as toroidal field conductor unit length #133 came off the production line, the ITER community celebrated a major milestone—the end of a nine-year p [...]

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  • The little coupler that could

    Concrete and steel met at the end of the 19th century, never to part again. From their encounter a new material was born that revolutionized construction techni [...]

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  • The radio power house

    The steel structurethat's being erected against the northeast side of the Assembly Hall is for a large building that will be densely packed with power supplies [...]

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  • Spaceport ITER

    At nightfall, when buildings, work areas, roads and parking lots light up, the ITER site looks like an alien spaceport. Drenched in the yellow glow of sodium l [...]

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Cultural Fusion

-Shawn Simpson, Agence ITER France

''The motivation of the ITER Members to learn about each other is growing,'' says Shawn Simpson. (Click to view larger version...)
''The motivation of the ITER Members to learn about each other is growing,'' says Shawn Simpson.
Since the beginning of the year, over 200 ITER staff have participated in intercultural events. From comparative culture workshops on working with the French, the Americans or the Japanese; to intercultural breakfasts and intercultural awareness-raising seminars, the motivation of the ITER Members to learn about each other is growing.

Since 2008, these intercultural moments have provided the opportunity to understand one another better and to compare our ways of working, our traditions and our cultures. Instead of finding only differences, we have found many similarities among our 29 nationalities.

A true feeling of belonging to the ITER community and to the ITER culture is developing. This "cultural fusion" is unique, and the dedication of the ITER Members to fostering an unprecedented interculturally-aware spirit is something to be proud of. The scientific commitment of ITER is only paralleled by its human commitment. This project may well become an international reference in the intercultural world.

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