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  • The crown's jewels

    They are the jewels of the concrete crown that will support the combined mass of the Tokamak and its surrounding cryostat: 18 perfectly polished, chrome-plated [...]

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  • "Making the best of fusion installations in Europe"

    With the recent addition of the Ukraine's Kharkov Institute for Physics and Technology (KIPT), the EUROfusion consortium now encompasses 30 European fusion labo [...]

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  • New cryostat manufacturing milestone

    They all gathered—members of the ITER-India team and contractor Larsen & Toubro—to mark a portentous moment: the start of manufacturing on the upper cylinde [...]

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  • Key power supply elements pass tests in Russia

    Since the signature of a Procurement Arrangement in 2011 with Russia for switching networks, fast discharge units, DC busbars and instrumentation—all key elemen [...]

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  • First vessel subassembly achieved in Europe

    Nine massive steel sectors deliveredby the Domestic Agencies of Europe (five sectors) and Korea (four sectors) will be welded together on site during the assemb [...]

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Cultural Fusion

-Shawn Simpson, Agence ITER France

''The motivation of the ITER Members to learn about each other is growing,'' says Shawn Simpson. (Click to view larger version...)
''The motivation of the ITER Members to learn about each other is growing,'' says Shawn Simpson.
Since the beginning of the year, over 200 ITER staff have participated in intercultural events. From comparative culture workshops on working with the French, the Americans or the Japanese; to intercultural breakfasts and intercultural awareness-raising seminars, the motivation of the ITER Members to learn about each other is growing.

Since 2008, these intercultural moments have provided the opportunity to understand one another better and to compare our ways of working, our traditions and our cultures. Instead of finding only differences, we have found many similarities among our 29 nationalities.

A true feeling of belonging to the ITER community and to the ITER culture is developing. This "cultural fusion" is unique, and the dedication of the ITER Members to fostering an unprecedented interculturally-aware spirit is something to be proud of. The scientific commitment of ITER is only paralleled by its human commitment. This project may well become an international reference in the intercultural world.

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