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  • Deputy Director-General | Yutaka Kamada, Science & Technology

    In his late childhood and early teens, Yutaka Kamada developed two passions: one for growing cactus, the other for fusion energy. Half a century later, his [...]

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  • Images of the week | Yet another magnet feeder from China

    This in-cryostat feeder will supply electrical power and cryogenic fluids to some of the top correction coils of the ITER machine. ITER will rely on 31 mag [...]

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  • Gyrotrons | India successfully demonstrates ITER power and pulse requirements

    As a part of its in-kind commitments to the project, ITER India will deliver two radio-frequency-based power sources (or 'gyrotrons") with state-of-the-art [...]

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  • Neutral beam power supply | Lightning-power voltage

    In January 2021, preparatory works began for the construction of two large buildings designed to accommodate a unique set of electrical equipment. A little more [...]

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  • MITICA | Cryopump passes site acceptance tests

    Cryopumps, which play an essential role in ITER, are not what one has in mind when picturing a pump. A conventional pump creates negative pressure to suck in fl [...]

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In memoriam

Richard Tivey, a life dedicated to fusion

The fusion community remembers a devoted fusion technologist. 

Richard Tivey, a career fusioneer. (Click to view larger version...)
Richard Tivey, a career fusioneer.
It is with great sadness that we announce that Richard Tivey passed away on 13 February 2023.

Richard was a devoted fusion technologist and started his career in fusion with the JET Neutral Beam Engineering team in the early 1980s. His prowess in heat transfer took him in 1993 to the ITER Project where he joined the ITER Divertor Design Team in Garching, near Munich, Germany. Richard was an avid problem solver and travelled the world interacting with scientists and engineers which resulted in a ITER divertor design that is capable of handling heat loads similar to those on the surface of the Sun.

In 2010, he took his first retirement and moved back to the United Kingdom. With not so many problems to be solved in the garden, the fusion itch returned and he went back to work for the MAST Upgrade project at the UKAEA solving many engineering dilemmas that the project faced. As if this was not enough, he provided constant support and reviews to the work of EUROfusion and the design of the demonstration fusion power plant after ITER.

Richard was a loving husband, caring father of three and devoted grandfather of six. Richard will be greatly missed by the friends he made over many years across the global fusion community.

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