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  • Neutral Beam Test Facility | After upgrades, SPIDER testbed set to restart

    After a two-year shutdown for upgrades, the SPIDER testbed at the ITER Neutral Beam Test Facility in Padua, Italy, is preparing for commissioning and operation. [...]

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  • ITER Research Plan | Jointly preparing a new blueprint

    As part of work underway to update the ITER Project Baseline, a group of experts nominated by the Members met in February to evaluate the new blueprint for achi [...]

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  • On site | Component transfer goes electric

    On Friday 16 February, a toroidal field coil was moved from the Assembly Hall to a storage place a few hundred metres away. Quite a routine operation at ITER, a [...]

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  • Image of the Week | Director-General Barabaschi visits India

    Following his visit to China, Japan and Korea last autumn, ITER Director-General Pietro Barabaschi continued his tour of ITER stakeholders w [...]

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  • Science | Increasing fusion performance with energetic-particle-driven instabilities

    New results published in Physical Review Letters suggest that instabilities driven by energetic particles can have a positive impact on fusion performance. In t [...]

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Open Doors Day

Enthusiasm and dedication

The 18th edition of Open Doors Day took place on a sunny weekend in early April, to the satisfaction of approximately 700 visitors. A large team of volunteers facilitated the event, each one sharing his or her "piece" of ITER.

Don't forget to look up! There is a lot to see in ITER's machine assembly hall, including far overhead. (Click to view larger version...)
Don't forget to look up! There is a lot to see in ITER's machine assembly hall, including far overhead.

While Open Doors Days always draw a large influx of visitors, the regular site visit program—which welcomes individuals or groups throughout the year—results in the lion's share of annual visits. Nearly 20,000 visitors passed through the ITER gates in 2022, the highest number ever recorded. The five-person visit team at ITER handled an average of 55 groups per month, helped by more than 100 trained volunteers from across the organization. Agence Iter France, part of the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), hosted approximately 4,500 French schoolchildren (primary) and another 2,000 students. New since 2021, it is possible to have a virtual visit of ITER—an option selected by some 600 people last year from many far-flung places on the globe.

There are lots of ways to experience ITER! See this page for more information.

Open Door Days take place twice a year at ITER, barring events outside of our control, but they never get old. Each time, the enthusiasm of the public and the dedication of specialists from all corners of the project combine to make for a fulfilling day. Visitors leave with a better sense of ITER's scientific mission and the intricacies involved in building the world's largest magnetic confinement fusion device, while insiders have the pleasure of stepping back from their demanding day jobs to share their enthusiasm for ITER's overall mission.

In addition to staff and contractors from the ITER Organization and the European Domestic Agency Fusion for Energy, who volunteered their time, many other people contributed to the smooth operation of the daylong event, including those who handled registration, security, and hospitality. Julie Marcillat, from the ITER Communication, orchestrated the event.

See the gallery below for scenes from the latest Open Doors Day at ITER.

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