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ITER and CERN sign Cooperation Agreement

Robert Aymar (left) and Kaname Ikeda after the signing ceremony at CERN  (Click to view larger version...)
Robert Aymar (left) and Kaname Ikeda after the signing ceremony at CERN
The ITER Organization and the European Organization for Nuclear Research CERN have signed a Cooperation Agreement. The Agreement provides the opportunity for CERN and ITER to cooperate not only in the fields of technology such as superconductors, magnets, cryogenics, control and data acquisition and complex civil engineering, but also in administrative domains such as finance, purchasing and human resources, including software programs.

The Agreement was signed by Kaname Ikeda, Director-General of the ITER Organization and Robert Aymar, Director General of CERN, in the presence of senior staff from both organizations. Kaname Ikeda said "The wealth of knowledge acquired by CERN over its many years of operation will make an important contribution to ITER's ability to make rapid progress." Robert Aymar expressed his pleasure not only as CERN Director General, but also as someone previously involved in the ITER project from its inception, that "CERN is very happy to work with ITER in common areas of science and technology."

The Cooperation Arrangement has been concluded for a five year period and enters into force immediately.

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