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The ITER Organization's Procurement and Contract Division is responsible for procuring goods and services which ensure the best value for money for the Organization in a timely and efficient manner. The Procurement and Contract Division is committed to achieving a competitive, fair and transparent procurement process while ensuring quality and reliability.

The solicitation types issued by the Procurement and Contract Division to fulfil ITER Organization procurement process requirements are:
Documents describing the general principles are available.

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The official language of ITER Organization is English. Contracts and purchase orders concluded by the ITER Organization shall be in writing, concluded and normally drawn up in Euros.

The following documents govern the ITER Organization Procurement and Contract activities:

Regulations applying to the Cash Resources of the ITER Organization (Second Edition, June 2008)

Working Conditions on the ITER Organization Site (reference ITER_D_2EQ9JM v.1.1) (applicable to a Contractor working at the ITER Organization)

ITER Organization Internal Regulations(reference ITER_D_27WDZW v1.3)

CEA Cadarache Internal Regulations (in French) (in English) dated September 2001 related to health, safety, security and discipline (applicable to a Contractor working at CEA Cadarache)
On-Line Registration: Supplier on-line registration with ITER Organization is now available.
The aim of the supplier registration is to encourage new vendors of relevant goods and services to register with the Procurement and Contract Division of ITER Organization.

For general information or questions, please contact:
Any company doing business with ITER and relocating to the Provence Alpes-Côte d'Azur region can receive support from the Welcome around ITER.

A strong regional network has been deployed that offers a wide range of services including assistance with immigration formalities, accommodation and relocation. The Welcome around ITER can also assist with identifying industrial partnerships and in setting up your business.

Click here for our informational brochure. You can find out more about that Welcome around ITER: Any company doing business at :