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  • 35th Scrape-Off-Layer & Divertor TG Meeting
    21 Oct - 24 Oct, 2024
    Prague, Czech Republic
  • ​27th ITPA CC Meeting
    04 Dec - 06 Dec, 2024
    IO, St Paul Lez Durance, France
  • 15th CTP Ex Com Meeting
    06 Dec - 06 Dec, 2024
    IO, St Paul Lez Durance, France

The scope of the Integrated Operation Scenarios Topical Group is to contribute to establishing operational scenarios in burning plasma experiments, particularly candidate scenarios in ITER. These include standard inductive operation, hybrid operation and steady-state operation. Towards this end, the group shall encourage and coordinate international collaboration on experimental, code development and modelling activities. The group shall identify and formulate research priorities for related physics R&D. Based on these activities, the group shall recommend physics guidelines and methodologies for physics and technical design of burning plasma experiments. The group will promote publications and presentations on its activities.


Through experimental, numerical and theoretical studies related to and organized by the Integrated Operation Scenario Topical Group, the following tasks will be pursued:

  • Develop and establish operation scenarios, especially those foreseen in ITER, with emphasis on:
    • Safe and reliable plasma break-down, current ramp-up, current ramp-down and plasma termination
    • Safe and reliable sustainment of the current flat-top, with identification of operational boundaries and performance
  • Identify and evaluate the capabilities of actuators — heating and current drive, fuelling, particle exhaust, (seed) impurity control and angular momentum injection — for achieving identified scenarios
  • Assess development of integrated plasma control procedures, especially for achieving steady-state operation in ITER and future burning plasmas (e.g. demonstration of burn control), with emphasis on real time control
  • Evaluate and propose suggestions for plasma development in ITER with emphasis on the consistency between plasma / scenario development program and hardware status for each phase of machine operation
  • Promote integrated modelling activities for ITER scenarios, with emphasis on validating the available scenario modelling codes and exploring the operational boundaries for the proposed scenarios for achieving ITER's goals


Chen Zipeng
Gong Xianzhu
Song Xianming
Xiao Bingjia


Baruzzo Matteo
Hobirk Joerg (Contact)
Kim Hyun-Tae
Lerche Ernesto
Mailloux Joelle (Dep. Chair)
Meyer Hendrik
Panadero Nerea (Stell. Rep)
Tsironis Christos


Chattopadhyay Asim
Daniel Raju
Sharma Promod


Fujita Takaaki
Hayashi Nobuhiko
Nagasaki Kazunobu
Suzuki Takahiro
Uchida Masaki
Wakatsuki Takuma
Yokoyama Masayuki


Bae Young-Soon
Kim Hyun-seok
Na Yong-Su
Park Byoung-Ho
Wang Sonjong


Khayrutdinov Rustam
Konovalov Sergey
Leonov Vladimir


Garofalo Andrea
Holcomb Christopher
Lin Yijun
Park Jin Myung
Schuster Eugenio (Chair)
Snipes Joseph
Turco Francesca


De Vries Peter (ITER Dep. Chair)
  • Bobkov Vladimir (EU)
  • Cavinato Mario (EU)
  • Ding Bojiang (CN)
  • Ide Shunsuke (JA)
  • Menghini Orso (US)
  • Nunes Isabel (EU)
  • Oosterbeek Johan (EU)
  • Qian Jinping (CN)
  • Schneider Mireille (IO)
  • Sips George (US)
  • Bock Alexander (EU)
  • Challis Clive (EU)
  • Garcia Jeronimo (EU)
  • Joffrin Emmanuel (EU)
  • Miyata Yoshiaki (JA)
  • Pajares Andres (US)
  • Pinches Simon (IO)
  • Putterich Thomas (EU)
  • Rapson Chris (EU)
  • Stober Joerg (EU)
  • Colas Laurent (EU)
  • Goniche Marc (EU)
  • Hager Robert (US)
  • Harting Derek (EU)
  • Kim Sunhee (IO)
  • Kudlacek Ondrej (EU)
  • Litaudon Xavier (EU)
  • Mattei Massimiliano (EU)
  • Polevoi Alexei (IO)
  • Voitsekhovitch Irina (EU)
  • Hanada Kazuaki (JA)
  • Jacquet Philippe (EU)
  • Koechl Florian (EU)
  • Lennholm Morten (EU)
  • Luce Timothy (IO)
  • Mantsinen Mervi (EU)
  • Poli Francesca (IO)
  • Sakamoto Yoshiteru (JA)
  • Zabeo Luca (IO)