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What is the best way to understand a complex, revolutionary and futuristic technology that has challenged, confounded, and inspired the human mind and spirit for generations?

By listening to the people that are at the forefront of trying to master the energy source of the Sun, in order to meet increasing demand for energy here on earth.

Hence, we bring you an inspiring yet extremely down to earth (pun intended) podcast where we speak to the heart of ITER: the scientists, engineers, technicians, managers, lawyers, interns, students, assistants and everyone in between who make this massive undertaking tick. These podcasts seek to dig into the human side of ITER: their work, their experiences in the multicultural environment, challenges and more.

The podcast begins with its first miniseries, entitled “ALL ABOUT ITER,” which dives into six central topics to better understand the why and how of one of the largest scientific experiments in the world.

With fresh eyes looking at the world of nuclear fusion and ITER, this miniseries offers insightful interviews that explain the 101 of nuclear fusion and the inner workings of ITER.

All about ITER

Hosted by Kruti Mawani Fayot, guided by Anna Bondyreva, and engineered by Will Ebrev.
All of this in six episodes that are available for you to listen to anytime, anywhere:

1 The Big Black Box on the Hill An Introduction
2 A Melting Pot of Cultures at Work
3 The Sun is Our Model A Conversation with the ITER Monaco Postdocs
4 The History of ITER
5 Piecing the Puzzle Together A Unique In-Kind Contribution & Transportation System
6 Beyond A Reasonable Doubt

Beginning with a hands-on guided visit to the ITER construction site, we explore a wide array of topics with the people of ITER — topics such as the multicultural work force, the international school in Provence, complex transportation encounters, the science behind the real power of the Sun, the colourful history of ITER, the unique in-kind contribution system leading to challenging transport logistics, and the promise of a safer, greener future.