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Publication Date Title
17 Sep 2018 ITER Research Plan within the Staged Approach (Level III - Provisional Version)

ITER Organization

Reference : ITR-18-003

Keywords : operation phases, first plasma, staged approach, research program, test blanket module, fusion energy, pre-fusion power operation, heating & current drive, plant configuration, disruption mitigation, fusion power operation, diagnostics, H mode access and operation

23 Mar 2018 ITER Disruption Mitigation Workshop, ITER HQ, 8-10 March 2017

M. Lehnen, S. Maruyama

Reference : ITR-18-002

Keywords : disruption mitigation system, runaway electron avoidance, runaway electron energy dissipation, thermal quench mitigation

28 Feb 2018 Development of HTS Current Leads for the ITER Project

P. Bauer

Reference : ITR-18-001

Keywords : magnets, HTS current leads