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Join in the quest for fusion energy

Join in the quest for fusion energy

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A future powered by fusion energy will require trained professionals in a number of fields, including plasma physics, engineering, computer and data science, robotics, materials science, instrumentation and diagnostics, control systems, and operations.

Today, opportunities for education, training—including advanced training through professional internships and fellowships—and employment abound. There has never been such an exciting time to join thousands of others in the quest to realize a new source of large-scale and carbon-free energy.

In the menu at left, you will find continually updated resources for interested students, teachers, young professionals, and job seekers.

Under TRAINING, we highlight educational opportunities for specialization in fusion engineering or science at the Master's and PhD levels. The depth and breadth of degree programs, summer schools, fellowships, and traineeships proposed by national or international actors showcase the increasing quantity and quality of offerings in the fusion domain.

Under INFUSED, we curate fusion education materials and resources for interested students, educators and members of the public. Sort them by type of audience (teachers, students...), language, or category (courses, books, student podcasts...) to find the right type of resource for you. Follow Upcoming Events at the top of the page for listings specially tailored for students and young researchers, or consult the newest "Work" tab for fellowship and employment opportunities in the field of fusion.

The quest to make fusion electricity a reality is a multinational endeavour, with increasing numbers of public and private ventures in North America, Europe, the United Kingdom, and Asia joining publicly funded laboratories across the world. The more bright young minds that we can recruit to join the effort, the greater chance that the remaining challenges will be solved and that a sufficient pool of highly trained professionals will be available to design, build, and operate the fusion power plants of the future.

Should you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact