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At the current stage of research on thermonuclear fusion, a wide range of diagnostic measurement methods is under development for ITER as well as medium-sized devices such as W7-X, WEST, ASDEX, and JET. This work is driven by emerging technologies, advances in detection methods, and the fast-advancing possibilities of modern electronics.

In the future, there will be demand for well-trained researchers who have a comprehensive knowledge of diagnostic methods.

Held every two years, the PhDiaFusion Summer School is aimed at graduate students and their tutors, in the spirit of a "master and apprentice" approach. The Summer School is a joint cooperation between CEA Cadarache (France), the Institute of Nuclear Physics PAN (Poland) and Rzeszow Technical University (Poland).

The next edition will be devoted to neutron and gamma diagnostics for fusion plasmas. Mark your calendars for 11-15 September 2017! More information can be found at the dedicated website.