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Call for Tender

Call for Tender is a staged procurement process for high value contracts as described below:

Stage 1: Call for Nomination, where Domestic Agencies are formally requested to provide the names of potential candidates. The candidates shall liaise with relevant Domestic Agencies to express their interest for a required supplies, services or works. The IO could also add a potential candidate if needed after having informed the DA.

Stage 2: Pre-qualification, where the IO will establish a list of qualified suppliers amongst the nominated entities, based on specific selection criteria. All nominated companies receive the pre-qualification package.

Stage 3: Call for Tender, where only the pre-qualified candidates will receive the tender package from IO. Tenderers shall submit offers in response to the Call for Tender package composed of Instructions to Tenderers, IO Technical Specifications, Special and General Conditions of Contracts. The evaluation of the tenders submitted has two steps: first the technical offers are evaluated with respect to the award criteria indicated in the Instructions to Tenderers and only those obtaining scores higher than the technical threshold indicated shall be considered for the financial evaluation. The financial evaluation is based either on the combined quality and price scoring mechanism (best value) or on the cheapest technical compliant offer.

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Restricted Tender

Restricted Tender is a procurement process inviting an ad hoc short list of qualified suppliers (potential bidders) selected in a non-discriminating manner by the IO. A Restricted Tender follows the same evaluation process as the Call for Tender, and is appropriate where a Call for Tender or an Open Tender is unsuitable, where exigent circumstances persist or where the global market retains a limited availability of the required goods or services. The short list of qualified suppliers can be extracted from sources such as rosters, prequalification lists, previous call for nominations, etc.

Competitive Dialogue

Competitive Dialogue is a procurement process introduced for complex procurements in nature, where technical parameters are difficult or not defined in advance. Generally starting with a Call for Nominations, it is followed by a Pre- qualification after which the pre-qualified candidates are invited to take part in a dialogue process during which selected areas of the project are discussed and solutions developed by the tenderers based on their industrial experience. At the end of the dialogue, the tenderers are invited to submit a best and final offer based on the finalized technical specifications and contractual conditions as resulting from the dialogue. 

Negotiated Procedure

Negotiated Procedure is a procurement process where IO and two or more tenderers negotiate the technical and commercial terms of a contract before final offer is submitted. Negotiated Procedure is an exceptional procedure and is applied only to high value and/or complex contracts. Typically this procedure is most appropriate when there is a limited amount of service providers or suppliers. The purpose of this negotiation process is to increase transparency in risk allocation and pricing with a final aim to achieve the best possible contract price in the market.

Call for Expertise

Call for Expertise is a procurement process allowing to seek experts from legal entities for specific purposes based on an open solicitation method. Candidates are invited to submit their offer directly to the ITER Organization further the publicity made by the Domestic Agencies and the ITER Organization on their respective web sites and networks.

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Request for Quotation

Request for Quotation is a simplified method of solicitation used for the purchase of low value, simple off the shelf goods or simple specifications or defined services. The request for quotation is submitted to a minimum of three pre-selected companies. The contract shall be awarded to the lowest price technically compliant offer.

Open Tender

Open Tender is a competitive procurement process published exclusively on IO Web Site.  All suppliers wishing to participate in the competitive process are invited to do so directly with the IO. An Open Tender follows the same evaluation process as the Call for Tender with a two-steps approach evaluation.

Single Source

Single Source is an exceptional procurement process requiring specific justification and authorization.