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ITER Technical Reports aim to make results of scientific and technical activities carried out under the ITER Agreement available to the public. Typically, they are versions of internal reports that have been deemed of interest for the wider scientific and technical community, but that have not been submitted for conventional publication in scientific journals, books, etc. Documents may be submitted for publication on this page by any scientist carrying out activities under the ITER Agreement. If you are interested in publishing an ITER Technical Report, the ITER Document Control Section (doc@iter.org) is available to support you in the process.

Publication Date Title
19 Nov 2019 ITER Vacuum Handbook

R. Pearce, L. Worth

Reference : ITR-19-004

Keywords : vacuum, quality, design, manufacture, requirements, standard

17 Sep 2018 ITER Research Plan within the Staged Approach (Level III - Provisional Version)

ITER Organization

Reference : ITR-18-003

Keywords : operation phases, first plasma, staged approach, research program, test blanket module, fusion energy, pre-fusion power operation, heating & current drive, plant configuration, disruption mitigation, fusion power operation, diagnostics, H mode access and operation

23 Mar 2018 ITER Disruption Mitigation Workshop, ITER HQ, 8-10 March 2017

M. Lehnen, S. Maruyama

Reference : ITR-18-002

Keywords : disruption mitigation system, runaway electron avoidance, runaway electron energy dissipation, thermal quench mitigation

28 Feb 2018 Development of HTS Current Leads for the ITER Project

P. Bauer

Reference : ITR-18-001

Keywords : magnets, HTS current leads