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Along with the CODAC Core System product the ITER CODAC team also provides hands-on workshops, where participants can learn how to build their own I&C system using the Core System toolkit and real hardware (PLCs, fast controllers, digital and analogue I/O boards, ...). The workshops are four days training sessions having presentations and exercises mixed. The agenda typically looks like this:
  • Day 1: Core System Overview / EPICS introduction / Self-Description Data tools (SDD) / Development workflow
  • Day 2: EPICS database / Fast controllers
  • Day 3: Slow controllers (PLC)  / State Notation Language (SNL) / Other Controller (POC) integration
  • Day 4: Control System Studio (CSS) / Software delivery
It is very important to choose your training time wisely with regard to your plant system development progress, so that you could get maximum knowledge of the CODAC latest software and hardware at the right time of your development. Our recommendation is to sign up for a training session by the time your I&C design is advanced enough to proceed with implementation. If you are just looking for a general idea of what CODAC Core System is, we recommend you to look through the training videos, available at the ITER E-Learning Centre (intranet site).
Get ready for this! (Click to view larger version...)
Get ready for this!

The nearest workshops and seminars will take place in:
  • Hands-on Workshop in fall 2024 (exact date will be communicated later) (ITER Organization, France - remote participation possible)
In order to request participation in the training, please send the following information to
  1. Your full name, email address and affiliation;
  2. Workshop or seminar you want to attend. Workshops are sized to accommodate 15 people max.
  3. (for DA/Industry) the name of the plant system and procurement arrangement you are working or planning to work on.
  4. Names of your ITER contact persons, if you have any (e.g., IO-TRO).
  5. Indication of areas of particular interest in the workshop (PLCs, fast controllers, digitizers, real-time control, ...).
Upon confirmation of your booking you will be duly informed. We will also arrange the creation of necessary ITER accounts in the case you do not have them.
Coverage of ITER parties by the CODAC training. As of February 2017, 320 engineers from both IO central team and IO partners have been trained. (Click to view larger version...)
Coverage of ITER parties by the CODAC training. As of February 2017, 320 engineers from both IO central team and IO partners have been trained.
Unless otherwise noted, the training sessions are organized at ITER headquarters in Cadarache, France. The participation is free of charge. In the case you need visa formalities to enter France, please book your participation at least 2 months in advance.
Arrangement of travel, visas and accommodation in France is left under your responsibility. Please do not hesitate to liaise with your ITER contact in advance for visa formalities and local information. We advise you to arrive one day before the workshop and stay in Aix-en-Provence, which has good transport connectivity with international routes and the ITER site (see visiting information). More information on site logistics will be provided with the registration.