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Staff members employment conditions and benefits

Staff members employment conditions and benefits

You will be part of an unique exciting scientific and human endeavor, working in an international environment, with an excellent quality of life in the south of France.

  • Working Conditions
    • Employment contracts for up 5 years with possibility of renewal under certain conditions
    • 40 Hour reference working week
    • Telework possibilities (under certain conditions and depending on business needs)
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  • Salary: Determined by Grade and Step offered for the position in accordance with the ITER Organization job classification, the level of responsibilities and the candidate's profile.

    Note: The ITER Organization has its own Salary Scales. Grades/Steps are not related or equivalent to other International Organizations systems (i.e. UN or other).

The figures above represent the Net ''Take home Salary'', after application of compulsory deductions (Internal Tax and contributions to Pension Fund, Medical and Death & Disability Insurances). (Click to view larger version...)
The figures above represent the Net ''Take home Salary'', after application of compulsory deductions (Internal Tax and contributions to Pension Fund, Medical and Death & Disability Insurances).

  • Family & Social Allowances: Entitlement based on the family situation. Amounts applicable as of January 2023 are as follows:
    • Household Allowance
      • 6% of net basic salary
      • Entitlement based on marital status and family situation
    • Allowance for Dependent Children and Other Dependents
      • 4 401 € net per year and per dependent child
    • Education Allowance, depending on the school level attended by the child:
      • 2 200 € net per year, per dependent child in full-time compulsory primary education (including compulsory nursery/ "maternelle" and elementary education) 
      • 4 401 € net per year, per dependent child in full-time secondary education
      • 11 004 € net per year, per dependent child in full-time higher education

Applicable under certain conditions of eligibility

  • Travel Expenses and Removal Expenses reimbursement
    • Paid to and from Cadarache, France, for you, your spouse/legal partner and dependent children, when taking up duty and upon termination of appointment, when the place of abode is more than 100 km from duty station
  • Installation Allowance and Leave
    • A sum of up to two months basic net salary
    • Two working days of special paid leave granted for installation purposes upon taking up appointment.
  • Support for children's registration to the International School of Manosque
  • Relocation services: The Welcome Office of Agence ITER France provides tailored relocation services and support for integration into French society:
    • Administrative formalities
    • Specific customs procedures, visas, residence permits, etc.
    • Finding temporary or permanent housing
    • Subscribing to utilities (water, electricity, internet, telephone, etc.)
    • French language classes
    • Activities to promote the discovery of French society and culture

  • Pension Fund
    • This Pension Fund aims to enable our employees to accumulate and later receive payment of a lump sum or a life annuity with an individual retirement account. A total of 4 profiles are available in 2 currencies (euro & dollar), allowing our employees' pension fund to meet their specific retirement and investment needs.
  • Medical Insurance
    • This very comprehensive health care plan covers you, your spouse and your dependent children starting from your first day of work, at minimum 90% of "reasonable and customary" charges for medical expenses, hospitalization (100%), dental & vision care (with specific ceilings)
  • Death & Disability Insurance
    • This insurance plan entitles you to coverage against risk of sickness and accident, work-related or not, resulting in your death, temporary or permanent disability.

  • Immunities
    • Immunity from jurisdiction in the exercise of an ITER employee's functions
    • Inviolability for all official papers and documents
    • Exemption from measures restricting immigration and governing aliens' registration (for the ITER employee and his/her family)
  • Fiscal Privileges and Rights
    • Duty-free import of furniture and personal effects
    • Salaries paid by the ITER Organization are exempt from income tax in France. However, they are subject to effective rate rules as per Article 14 of the Headquarters Agreement (i.e. they are taken into account for the purpose of assessing the amount of taxation to be applied to income from other sources).
  • Import or acquisition of a motor vehicle in France for personal use without payment of taxes and duties (for non-French and non-permanent residents in France) *
  • Social Security
    • Exemption from all compulsory contributions to the French social security system
  • Work for Family Members of ITER Staff
    • Spouse and children who came in as minors and who wish to take up gainful employment are exempt from work permits 

* Warning: Only private passenger vehicles (or motorcycles) are eligible for this tax/duties exemption (RVs, vans, trailers, caravans, commercial cars or transformed card are excluded). Please contact the Welcome Office to check the eligibility of the car.


We have an incentives scheme aimed at rewarding high performing employees for the achievement of their objectives, which are set annually.

We also offer opportunities for professional growth, training and competency development, including specialized induction training for all newcomers.


International School* for Children  (aged 3 to 18) offering different language sections and with no tuition fees

* The International School Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur located in Manosque is a French public school, which from Nursery school to High school, welcomes almost all the children of the ITER programme's collaborators. The International School offers a high level of academic training in a bilingual system that guarantees students a mastery, both written and oral, of French and another foreign language, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese or Japanese. 

The child(ren) who fulfil the school admission requirements are accepted by the School at any period of the year. Please refer to the school website for more details on admission requirements :

In France, school is compulsory for children between 3 and 16, regardless of their nationality.

There are also some private international schools in the area that require you to pay your own tuition. For more information,  please refer to their website:


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