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La Machine

Veuillez nous excuser, mais cette page n'est pas encore disponible en Français.

The ITER Real-Time Framework (RTF) is a software framework designed for the deployment and execution of RTF applications, optimized for real-time performance (minimizing the response time and jitter). The optimization is achieved by running each control loop in its isolated CPU thread and synchronizing the threads using busy-wait and atomic operations.

The RTF application can implement an arbitrary dynamic system (control, signal processing, communication, data acquisition, etc.). It is written as XML configuration and consists of function blocks tunable through parameters and interconnected with signals and asynchronous events. Function blocks can also be nested using composite function blocks to give the application a hierarchical structure.

The deployment of RTF applications is defined separately through deployment XML configuration and can be either single-threaded or distributed. For the distributed deployment, the framework implicitly inserts gateways, which enable inter-thread, inter-process, and inter-node communication.

The RTF hands-on workshop aims to explain how to develop and run simple RTF applications with custom-made function blocks. It provides additional emphasis on the Simulink integration. The workshop spreads over two days with the following agenda:
  • Day 1: Theoretical part providing a general overview of RTF, explaining the RTF application structure, plugins, services, real-time deployment, Simulink integration, etc.
  • Day 2: Practical part where the participants implement and try out their own RTF application, using custom-made and Simulink-generated function blocks.

Figure 1: An example of a simple RTF application reading two input signals from an input device, performing a simple control algorithm, and sending the calculated control signal to an output device. (Click to view larger version...)
Figure 1: An example of a simple RTF application reading two input signals from an input device, performing a simple control algorithm, and sending the calculated control signal to an output device.
Last scheduled workshops:
  • Hands-on Workshop Wednesday 10 May 2023 - Thursday 11 May 2023 (ITER Organization, France - remote participation possible)
There are no new workshops scheduled at the moment.

In order to request participation in the training, please send the following information to Woongryol.Lee@iter.org:
  1. Your full name, email address and affiliation;
  2. Workshop you want to attend. Workshops are sized to accommodate up to 10 on-site and 10 remote participants.
  3. (for DA/Industry) the name of the plant system and procurement arrangement you are working or planning to work on.
  4. Names of your ITER contact persons, if you have any (e.g., IO-TRO).
  5. Indication of areas of particular interest in the workshop (RTF application development, Function Block development, Simulink integration...).
Upon confirmation of your booking you will be duly informed. We will also arrange the creation of necessary ITER accounts in the case you do not have them.

Unless otherwise noted, the training sessions are organized at ITER headquarters in Cadarache, France. The participation is free of charge. In the case you need visa formalities to enter France, please book your participation at least 2 months in advance.
Arrangement of travel, visas and accommodation in France is left under your responsibility. Please do not hesitate to liaise with your ITER contact in advance for visa formalities and local information. We advise you to arrive one day before the workshop and stay in Aix-en-Provence, which has good transport connectivity with international routes and the ITER site (see visiting information). More information on site logistics will be provided with the registration.