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ITER Vacuum Handbook — A Guideline for Design, Manufacturing and Assembly

Sabina Griffith

Pumping it up... the ITER Vacuum Group poses with the new handbook (Click to view larger version...)
Pumping it up... the ITER Vacuum Group poses with the new handbook
ITER will have one of the largest and the most complex high vacuum system ever built, so to scale up to ITER from existing and past fusion devices, orders of magnitude improvements in vacuum reliability are required to achieve the ITER goal of high availability. The ITER Vacuum Group has published a handbook that outlines the necessary rules in design, manufacturing, assembly, and handling to achieve and maintain the different ITER vacuums. "This handbook is issued as a high level project requirements document as it is imperative that the rules and guidance contained in this handbook are followed by the International Organisation, the Domestic Agencies and Industries to ensure ITER operations are ultimately successful", it says in the preface. "In addition this handbook provides significant guides and helpful information which can be used in the production of procurement specifications for ITER components."

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