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ITER is a vast subject that will take time to explore. Every few months we hope you’ll look forward to receiving news from the frontiers of ITER science and technology, the enterprising world of high-precision industry, and from the hilltop in Provence where it’s all coming together.

This magazine is for you. We’d be happy to receive your suggestions and remarks for its improvement at the email address listed below.

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At the Industeel-Le Creusot plant in central France (a business unit of the global giant Arcelor-Mittal), some 450 different grades are available. At the top of the line are the steels that will be used in ITER components.

In the forges of ITER

Men of the Iron Age, long before the term was coined, accidently discovered that by adding a bit of carbon to molten iron, a harder and more durable metal was created—steel. Three thousand years have gone by and steel is still at the centre...
Procured by the United States, manufactured by Hyundai in Korea, transported by DAHER (ITER's global logistics provider), the first Highly Exceptional Load—an electrical transformer—arrived on site on 17 January 2015.

The lightest of the "heavy" loads

The voyage got off to a start in mid-November in the industrial port of Ulsan, Korea—more than 9,000 kilometres from the ITER site. Two months later, in January 2015, the 'freight' was delivered to ITER. The last two legs of the trip were t...
The spaceship that carries passengers on a quest for inhabitable planets in the 2014 blockbuster "Interstellar" is fuelled by compact tokamaks that also provide the vessel's electricity.

Fusion and fiction

In 1985—the very year that a collaborative international project in fusion was proposed by General Secretary Mikhail Gorbatchev to President Ronald Reagan—fusion made a discreet but noteworthy appearance in a film that would be seen by mill...
On the north side of the work site, two of the five levels of pillar are already in place. Work has just begun on the third level (one third-level pillar is visible in the photo).

Assembly Building pillars, climbing ever higher

As ITER components arrive on site, their first stop will be the cleaning facility at the entrance of the Assembly Building. Then, in the vast hall of the Assembly Building, they'll be verified and—if necessary—pre-assembled before transfer ...