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ITER Project Associates (IPAs) are selected through a contract of association to support the ITER Organization, for a fixed period of time, and to provide professional expertise, skills and knowledge in a particular field.

Please also note that IPAs are not considered staff members and shall, therefore, not have the status of "Staff" within the meaning of the ITER Agreement and the Headquarters Agreement (see more information on these constitutive agreements in Legal Resources). Neither the ITER Staff Regulations nor the privileges and immunities granted to ITER Organization staff are applicable to IPAs. ITER Organization salary, pension scheme and social insurance coverage do not apply.

IPA opportunities are limited to nationals from countries participating in the ITER Project (China, the European Union plus Switzerland, India, Japan, Korea, Russia and the United States).

About IPA
An IPA can work on all types of non-core and non-managerial activities in the ITER Project. IPAs can be given some technical responsibility under the supervision of an ITER Organization Responsible Officer.
Any organization (Domestic Agency, laboratory, university, company...) in one of the ITER Members is considered a Home Institution. The Home Institution remains the main employer of the IPA during the IPA assignment, and continues paying the IPA salary.
Any person, with at least 36 months of seniority, employed by a Home Institution.
IPA assignments are at least 6 months and may be renewed; an IPA assignment, however, cannot exceed 4 years. Part-time (not less than 50%) IPA assignments can be arranged. IPAs work at the ITER Organization site.
IPAs are not ITER Organization staff members and, as such, are not subject to Privileges and Immunities. However, they do benefit from certain opportunities and arrangements. In particular, no French visa or work permit is needed as IPAs receive a 'Special Residence Card' during their stay (just like a visiting researcher or Domestic Agency staff).
The ITER Organization Director-General may decide to grant the IPA a monthly allowance in addition to the salary paid by the Home Institution and to reimburse the IPA's relocation costs. In addition, under certain conditions the Director-General may provide compensation (cash and/or credit) to the Home Institution on a discretionary basis. If agreed with the Home Institution, the Director-General may decide to partially or fully reimburse the wages paid by the Home Institution to the IPA during the IPA assignment.
Should you consider applying to one or more of the IPA assignments currently available please send your resume, a cover letter in English, together with a recommendation letter from your Home Institution and DA. Applications should be sent by email to the following Please indicate in the email for which position you are applying, your phone number, address, and nationality.

Member IPA Contact Person Telephone Email
Li FAN +861068588257
Kaihui HE +861068588729
Maria MOUROUZIDOU +34 93 320 1857
Sonia DOMINGUEZ +34 93 320 1870
Srivastava ARUN
Praveen Kumar ATREY +91 79 23962098
Sooyeon RYU +82428795083
Yoshihiko Nunoya
Vladimir VLASENKOV +7 499 196 9214
Alexey KALASHNIKOV +7 499 949 4014
Amy ZUBKO +1 865 574 0095