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The ITER Project Associate (IPA) Scheme allows Home Institutes from the ITER Members to assign employees on technical as well as support activities to the ITER Organization. Through this scheme, Home Institute employees can contribute with their expertise to strengthen international cooperation and integration between the ITER Organization Central Team and the Domestic Agencies/ITER Members.

The IPA scheme is open to any Home Institute who has signed a Memorandum of Understanding or Agreement (MoU/MoA) or Cooperation Agreement (CA) with the ITER Organization, defining areas of common interest. The IPA(s) will perform activities for the ITER Organization for a period of time defined by an Implementing Agreement signed between the Home Institute and the ITER Organization.

The proposed IPA(s) must be employed of the Home Institute (HI) at the time of submission of the proposal

Click for more detailed information on ITER Project Associate Scheme (PN7SU5)

IPA opportunities are limited to nationals from countries participating in the ITER Project (China, the European Union plus Switzerland, India, Japan, Korea, Russia and the United States).

About IPA
An IPA can work on all types of non-core and non-managerial activities in the ITER Project. IPAs can be given some technical responsibility under the supervision of an ITER Organization Responsible Officer.

The IPA will perform activities for the ITER Organization for a period of time defined in an individual Nomination Form (NF) signed between the Home Institute and the ITER Organization. These activities will be performed for the ITER Organization, on or off the ITER site. IPAs are assigned by the Home Institute to the ITER Organization to carry out these activities on a full time or part-time basis.
Any organization (Domestic Agency, institutions, universities, industrial enterprises) in one of the ITER Members. The Home Institute remains the main employer of the IPA during the IPA assignment, and continues paying the IPA salary.
IPA Profiles are advertised by the ITER Organization under a call for Expressions of Interest on this website, and Home Institutes submit Proposals in reply, using the ITER Organization template.

Click here to download the IO template

In principle, only Proposals from Home Institutes which have signed a MoA / MoU / CA with the ITER Organization can be considered for selection. To know if such MoA or MoU already exists, please contact the Home Institute's internal services or In case there is no MoA / MoU / CA, then it shall be mentioned in the Proposal and the ITER Organization may decide to sign a MoA / MoU / CA with the Home Institute in the frame of the selection process before its conclusion.

The Home Institute Proposal shall include, with justification:

(i) Details of existing resources to be nominated as IPA with proposed skill sets in answer to the Expression of Interest;

(ii) Any administrative costs requested from the ITER Organization by the Home Institute to cover the execution of the Implementing Agreement;

(iii) Any other relevant information required for the implementation of the Implementing Agreement.

The Home Institute Proposal should be sent by email from a Home Institute authorized representative to the following address:

Upon selection by the ITER Organization, the selected Home Institute and the ITER Organization sign an Implementing Agreement that covers the general conditions of assignment of all the Home Institute's IPA(s). Then, for each IPA under the Implementing Agreement, and individual Nomination Form will be signed by the Home Institute and the ITER Organization describing scope of activity, timeframe, financial conditions, other implementation aspects, etc.
In accordance with the IPA process time frame (see question above), the ITER Organization will duly contact the Home Institute at each step in the selection process.
IPA assignments shall, in principle, not exceed 4 years in total. Part-time IPA assignments can be arranged.
IPAs are not ITER Organization staff members and they are not subject to Privileges and Immunities. However, they benefit from certain facilities and arrangements. The ITER Organization provides support for administrative formalities to stay and work in France.
The Director-General may decide to grant the IPA a monthly Living Adjustment Allowance in addition to the salary paid by the Home Institute, to grant an Installation Allowance to be paid upon arrival, and to reimburse IPA's travel costs upon arrival to and departure from the ITER Organization. The granting and determination of such payments is at the discretion of the ITER Organization. In particular, no allowances shall be paid to IPA with no or limited relocation costs (e.g. if they live locally or are the spouse/partner of a person living locally, such as an IO staff member). In addition, Implementing Agreements and/or Nomination Forms may include other financial provisions.

20IPA assignment(s) available
Application Deadline Title
2020-01-01 Associate to support Water Chemistry Analysis

Ref.No :            IPA/2020/006/SCOD
Domain:           Science & Operation
Department:    Science, Controls & Operation
Division:          Operations
Starting Date: ASAP
Duration:         2 years

Purpose: To support the establishment and operation of the ITER Water Chemistry Testing Laboratory for operation of cooling water systems

2020-01-01 Associate for technical support to mechanical aspects of High Voltage components of Heating Neutral Bean (HNB)

Ref No :             IPA/2020/007/EDD
Domain:            Engineering
Department :    Engineering Design
Division :          Heating & Current Drive
Section :           Neutral Beam
Starting Date : ASAP
Duration :         2 years
Purpose : Technical support to the activities of Heating Neutral Beam (HNB), High Voltage transmission lines (HV TLs) and to the interfaces/bellows of High Voltage Bushing (HVB).

2019-12-25 Associate for Electrical Cable Engineer

Ref.No.          IPA/2020/004/PLD
Domain:        Construction
Department: Plant Construction
Division:       Electrical Implementation
Section:        I&C Infrastructure
Duration:      1 year

2019-12-11 Associate for Cooling Water System

Ref.No.          IPA/2020/005/PLD
Domain:        Construction
Department: Plant Construction
Division:       Mechanical Implementation
Section:        Cooling, Mechanical & Welding
Duration:      3 years
Purpose:       For Mechanical Analysis and review of engineering drawings

2019-12-18 Associate for the design and procurement of Disruption Mitigation System (DMS)

Ref.No. IPA/2018/037/PED
Department: PED
Division: FCED
Section: FWC
Duration : 3 years
Purpose : Manage

2019-12-18 Associate for Mechanical Engineer

Ref.No.                   IPA/2020/003/PLD
Domain :                Construction
Department:          Plant Construction
Division:                Electrical Implementation
Section:                 I&C Infrastructure
Duration:               1 year
Number of IPA(s): 2
Purpose:                Mechanical Engineer

2019-12-18 Associate for Electrical Cable Engineer

Ref.No.          IPA/2020/001/PLD
Domain:        Construction Domain
Department: Plant Construction Department
Division:       Electrical Implementation Division
Section:        I&C Infrastructure Section
Duration:      12 months
Purpose:       Cable Engineer

2019-12-18 Associate for Electrical Cable Engineer

Ref.No.                    IPA/2020/002/PLD
Domain:                  Construction
Department:           Plant Construction
Division:                 Electrical Implementation
Section:                  I&C Infrastructure
Number of IPA(s):  2
Duration:                1 year

2019-12-18 Associate for Spectroscopic Diagnostics development in modelling of stray light

Ref.No.           IPA/2017/058/TED
Department:   Tokamak Engineering Department
Division:         Port Plugs & Diag Integration Division
Section:          Ex-Vessel Diagnostics Section
Starting Date: September 2017
Duration:        2 years
Purpose:        To Support Spectroscopic Diagnostics development in modelling of stray light

2019-12-11 Associate for TCWS ESPN Equipment Contract Management

Ref.No.:                  IPA/2019/063/PED
Department:          Plant Engineering Department
Division:                Tokamak Cooling Water System Division
Duration:               4 years
Purpose:               Oversight of Electrical and I&C components Manufacturing Contracts

2019-12-11 Associate for support of Blanket mechanical and interface design

Ref No.          IPA/2019/090/TED
Department: Tokamak Engineering Department
Division:       Internal Components Division
Section:        Blanket Section
Duration:      3 years
Purpose:       Provide support to the blanket section on thermomechanical analysis

2019-12-18 Associate for TBM Systems

Ref.No.            IPA/2017/026/TED
Department:   Tokamak Engineering Department
Division:         Internal Components Division
Section:          Tritium Breeding Blanket Systems Section
Duration:        3 years
Purpose:         Associate for safety aspects of the TBM system

2019-12-11 Associate for engineering assessment of Port-Based and in-vessel Diagnostics

Ref.No.:         IPA/2019/065/TED
Department: Tokamak Engineering Department
Division:       Port Plug and Diagnostics Integration Division
Section:        Common Port Plug Engineering Section
Duration:      4 years
Purpose:       Support in engineering  assessment of Port-Based and in-vessel Diagnostics

2019-12-18 Associate for providing technical support on Materials, Welding and Code and Standards (C&S)

Ref.No.:         IPA/2019/041/CIO
Department: Central Integration Office
Division:        Analysis Section
Duration:       2 years
Purpose:        Provide service as "Materials, Welding and C&S expert".

2019-12-11 Associate for engineering support for on-site TF coil preparation

Ref.No.:                IPA/2019/018/CST
Department:        Construction Department
Division:              Tokamak Assembly Division
Section:               Sector Module Assembly Section
Duration:             4 years
Purpose:             To provide engineering support in the development and qualification of preparatory activities needed to be performed on the TF coils prior to upending and assembly into sectors

2019-12-18 Associate for ITER Microwave Diagnostics

Ref No.:         IPA/2019/015/TED
Department: Tokamak Engineering Department
Division:       Port Plug and Diagnostics Integration Division
Section:        In-Vessel Section
Duration:      4 years
Purpose:       Support the ITER Microwave Diagnostic development.

2019-12-11 Associate to support the development of ITER Tokamak Systems Monitoring (TSM) system

Ref.No.:         IPA/2019/002/TED
Department: Tokamak Engineering Department
Division:       Port Plug and Diagnostics Integration Division
Duration:      4 years
Purpose:       To support the development of ITER Tokamak Systems Monitoring (TSM) system

2019-12-18 Associate for Radwaste Engineering

Ref.No.:         IPA/2018/072/PED
Department: Plant Engineering Department
Division:       Remote Handling & Radioactive Materials Division
Section:        Hot Cell and Radwaste Section
Duration:      1 year
Purpose:       To contribute to the design, integration, safety, assembly, installation, commissioning and operation of the ITER Radwaste Systems

2019-12-11 Associate for the design and procurement of Gas Injection System (GIS)

Ref.No.           IPA/2018/042/PED
Department:  Plant Engineering Department
Division:        Fuel Cycle Engineering Division
Section:         Fuelling & Wall Conditioning Section
Duration:       3 years
Purpose:        The support the completion of the GIS final design and Procurement Agreement with CN-DA.

2019-12-18 Associate for development of 55.G9 Dust Monitor #2

Ref.No.:         IPA/2017/060/TED
Department: Tokamak Engineering Department
Division:       Port Plugs & Diagnostics Integration Division
Section:        In-Vessel Diagnostics Section
Duration:      2 years
Purpose:       To Support in development of 55.G9 Dust Monitor